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Encompass Connects Your Field Operations

Mobile Dispatch

InterTalk’s Encompass Mobile Dispatch Console is a tactical, field-deployable radio console unit that provides your mission-critical operations with an instant and centralized point of communication in under five minutes. Whether connected locally or across an IP network, and regardless of the unit band or format used, Encompass allows you to quickly and effortlessly set up and pull down joined networks, while simultaneously monitoring everything that is happening across all connected networks.

Specsheet – Encompass Mobile Dispatch Console [PDF – 1.7 MB]

Voice and Data Communications

Encompass allows full voice and data communications with all field units, giving you real-time command and control of four base stations using prefabricated interconnection cables for most major mobile radio manufacturers. Whatever method of communication you use, Encompass’s flexible design enables you to strike the right balance between what to see, when to see it, and what to do about it.

Exact-Fit Engineering

Encompass is engineered to the highest standards and is simply the most complete mobile console system available. InterTalk has an interface for any communication requirement in both your operations center and the field. Whether it is legacy LMR, or the latest digital protocols like P25, DMR, NXDN or TETRA, our collaborative approach to system design will result in a deployable console that meets your exact needs. Encompass provides you with one consistent user experience, so no matter the technology, it works the same where it matters most: in the field. Dispatch roles and screens/features can be configured to display the exact functions you need.

Flexible Design

Each Encompass features the InterTalk dispatch console and a Citadel IP Radio Gateway. The Citadel units can also be deployed as endpoints throughout a given IP network and can connect both locally and over vast distances using IP. This ability allows you to quickly set up an interoperability solution not only between different radio networks but both locally and across broad geographic regions. Interoperability connections are configured via an IP-connected laptop (or PC) using a standard web browser like Firefox or Chrome. The management dashboard lets you quickly check, set, and test levels and PTT operations. VOX-based buffering is used to ensure that no audio is ever lost – while default settings work in most cases, all VOX and buffer parameters can be fully configured with the Encompass dashboard.

Customize Your User Experience

Encompass boasts a fully configurable graphical user experience (UX). Because every user has different preferences, we have ensured key aspects of the UX can be tailored to personal preferences, including font (style, size, color), screen (color, buttons, borders), and module sizing and placement on the screen. With unparalleled flexibility, InterTalk’s UX integrity is maintained with both touchscreen and point-and-click displays.

Analog RFEDACS, Smartzone, Smartnet, iDEN
PagingQC-I, QC-II, 2+2 Tone, 5/6 Tone, DTMF, DTMF Knox, GE-99, REACH, POCSAG, ERMES, FLEX, RCA, EIA, Aviation ALE, SELCAL
SignalingMDC1200, GEStar, Fleetsync, FSK, MSK, GMSK (Intrac)
Integrated Voting & TX SteeringVote on best SNR; RSSI (serial, Ethernet, voltage, limiter current). Compatible with existing systems.
(InterTalk Encompass Console)TX Steering to voted site, multiple sites, per UNSQ sites, rule-based steering. Console user steers release, status and override control
Voting & TX Steering (3rd party)Ethernet control of JPS SNV-12 series. Full status reporting and control.
Legacy Key-upPTT/COR, EIA TRC Guardtone, E&M
TelephonySIP-I / SIP-T, FXO, FXS, T1/E1, ISDN, G.703, V.35, ringdown, SS7 signaling

Whether it is public safety, transportation, government, critical infrastructure, or private enterprise applications, Encompass allows effortless, powerful, and continuous management of your critical information. Now is the perfect time to arrange a needs assessment.

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mobile console

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