EMS Radio Dispatch


dispatch communication system

There is no time for communication glitches on the front lines. You need all the pieces of the information puzzle working together so you can do your job, and that includes your EMS radio dispatch system.

It is frustrating when technology keeps changing. You want your specs and budget met, but there are so many costly and complicated integrations to consider. InterTalk’s ability to tie emergency dispatch equipment and information together is InterTalk’s fundamental strength. We know you cannot afford downtime, that’s why we get you the easiest solution that works with your current EMS dispatch equipment. Let us make your dispatch console components work for you, so EMS can continue to save lives.



Dispatch Equipment

dispatch equipment

InterTalk Dispatch Console System

Powerful EMS Radio Dispatch Solutions

Exact-fit EMS dispatch solutions that direct all aspects of your control, communications, and intelligence infrastructure at a secure, single point of contact.

dispatch communication system

InterTalk Enlite™

Next Generation EMS Dispatch

Encrypted, secure & reliable, flexible EMS dispatch solution with on-demand scalability providing operational continuity and mobility. Cloud or on-premises infrastructure.


Our engineers and developers are here to support your seamless dispatch radio upgrade with minimal downtime and inconvenience. When public safety is on the line, InterTalk delivers unsurpassed dependability for EMS dispatchers and front-line responders.

Let us make your dispatch equipment work for you.

Discover how InterTalk’s Dispatch Communication System will simplify your console equipment today.