InterTalk Critical Information Systems manufactures radio dispatch command and control products that meet the needs of today’s mission-critical communications for public safety, government, transportation, or private enterprise.

Our InterTalk Vantage Dispatch Console System offers IP-based command and control that is reliable, scalable, and fully redundant, ensuring there are never any critical failures, no matter the circumstance.

InterTalk offers a comprehensive 24/7 technical support package to its customers, and we stand behind our products for life. As the only console manufacturer to have a perpetual product lifecycle and support, InterTalk will never serve our customers with an end of life notice . . . we are that confident in our product. Contact us to find out how we can provide a no-compromise, exact-fit communications solution for you!





Dispatch Console System

InterTalk’s Vantage Dispatch Console System (DCS) sits at the core of your dispatch operation.


A more informed dispatch solution

Enlite™ is a cloud-based public-safety-grade radio and telephone dispatch console system.


Mobile Dispatch Console

InterTalk’s Encompass Mobile Dispatch Console is a tactical, field-deployable unit that provides your mission-critical operations with an instant and centralized point of communication.


For over 20 years, InterTalk™ has provided exact-fit dispatch console systems that ensure the safety and security of its customers.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or want the easiest solution that works with your current dispatch equipment, discover how the Vantage Dispatch Console System can work for you.