Healthcare & Education

With multiple EMD healthcare and campus security teams on the go, you need a flexible dispatch radio system that connects anywhere.

Security needs are on the rise in the healthcare and education sectors. No matter your health boundaries, school, or school district size, you need a reliable, secure, and affordable dispatch console system that your campus security or healthcare communication systems team can count on. Give your team the confidence they deserve when their community needs them most.

InterTalk Enlite™

InterTalk Enlite™ is a public-safety grade radio and telephone dispatch console system that brings traditional radio (LMR), digital radio protocols (DMR, P25), and telephone call-taking capabilities to your fingertips. While adhering to the latest encryption guidelines from NIST and OWASP, Enlite™ fully integrates with your current dispatch solutions and runs within a web-based browser that requires no downloaded application to deploy. From healthcare communications technology to school security, Enlite™ has you covered.

Your field is unique, so your dispatch console system layout should be too.

With growing data integration needs during situational public health and safety scenarios, it’s time to have the right information when you need it. From traffic and video intel to social media and security feeds, Enlite™ ensures operational continuity for your security team from multiple locations onsite or via mobile device. Its layout is fully configurable, even in real-time, based on situational requirements. Security personnel can have a locked-down strategic mission for monitoring an area and then can launch new tactical missions that are focused on more complicated operations when the need arises.

InterTalk Enlite™ offers an affordable subscription model for organizations of all sizes. Benefit from reduced fixed costs, infinite hosted scalability, and pay-by-need equality. InterTalk Enlite™ is the secure and flexible dispatch console you’ve been looking for.


Give us your specs and checklist. Let us work together to get your dispatch console, your way. With over 30 years in the dispatch industry, InterTalk is known and trusted throughout the world to get the job done.

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