Fire Radio Dispatch


When emergencies arise, firefighters need a continuous flow of essential communications to save lives. When your dispatch equipment is aging and failing, it’s time for you to get the custom dispatch console you need.

We know you want a quick dispatch console installation experience that comes with exceptional training for you and your team. InterTalk’s ability to tie emergency dispatch equipment and information together is InterTalk’s fundamental strength. Our engineers and developers are here for your crew to provide a seamless upgrade with minimal downtime and inconvenience. You care about the people you serve, and you rely on your dispatch consoles for an effective response. We care about getting you the reliable dispatch radio system that puts you at ease when people need you most.




custom dispatch console


Dispatch Console System

InterTalk’s Dispatch Console System (DCS) sits at the core of your dispatch operation, unifying your radio and telephony communications.

fire dispatch console

InterTalk Enlite™

A more informed dispatch solution

InterTalk Enlite is a cloud-based public-safety-grade radio and telephone dispatch console system that provides unparalleled operational continuity and mobility.


With over 20 years in the dispatch radio industry, 100% of InterTalk’s current system deployments are still in full-functional use. You can trust InterTalk to provide your fire agency with reliable, sustainable, and fully supported console equipment.

Trusted by public safety agencies across North America, InterTalk’s Critical Information Systems provide unparalleled flexibility, systems integration, and redundancy for your fire dispatch console. When public safety is on the line, InterTalk delivers unsurpassed dependability for dispatchers and front-line responders.

It’s time to save more lives. It’s time for reliable emergency dispatch equipment.

Discover how InterTalk’s Dispatch Console System can support your dispatch console needs today.