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Why choose InterTalk?

With so many radio console vendors dotting the communications landscape, selecting the right dispatch console for your agency can be a daunting task. There are many considerations when choosing the right product ‘fit’ for your team, and it is easy to gravitate toward the vendor with the best marketing package or largest sales team. However, these elements have no bearing on the performance of your console system after it has been installed. You need a powerful, reliable, and scalable system that will provide trouble-free performance over many years, with support directly from the team of engineers and developers who designed and built the system.

This is the InterTalk advantage:  We excel as an ideal partner for your radio communications systems and console subsystems and design each product based on your exact requirements, not a pre-supposed solution that gets you ‘most of the way’ there.


InterTalk’s Advantage

InterTalk’s Dispatch Console System is simply a superior piece of communications equipment

  • InterTalk specializes in advanced dispatch consoles that satisfy real-world requirements – this is what we do as our core business, not as a sideline to support radio equipment sales.
  • InterTalk recognizes the vital role the console plays in communications systems, and the challenges faced by the dispatchers and first responders that operate them.
  • InterTalk’s dispatch consoles have always focused on supporting the integration and interoperability of different radio and telephone systems to satisfy real operational needs.


InterTalk’s dispatch console infrastructure is vendor-neutral and is fully compliant with P25, NXDN, DMR, and TETRA


As a privately-held firm, InterTalk is in business for our customers, not shareholders

  • InterTalk is committed to supporting our customers’ vision with exact-fit engineering, not “one-size-fits-all” systems that are more appropriate for one industry versus another.
  • As a development partner, InterTalk believes that the customer’s requirements are paramount, and supersede any commercial product specification or interest.


InterTalk is focused on the challenge at hand, not the next opportunity

  • In supporting a customer’s vision for their console equipment, InterTalk is not seeking to trap the customer with proprietary interfaces or features.
  • We stand behind our products 100%, from start to finish.


DOWNLOAD: Brochure – The InterTalk Advantage [PDF – 2.0 MB]


The Benefits


Exact-fit engineering: We listen to your agency’s needs, and get you the solution you want – no ‘take it or leave it’ system architecture. InterTalk provides tailored radio command and control products that do what you need.


99.999% redundancy: With InterTalk, it is easy to achieve those “Five 9s”. InterTalk can detect issues on the system’s edge within 1 second, and provides best-in-industry backup recovery time.


Truly integrated voting system: InterTalk does not require a 3rd party voter, meaning one less manufacturer and piece of hardware to integrate. Voter can be deployed at the remote edge of your radio sites, which feeds far more precise measurements.


Truly integrated steering system: Only InterTalk offers transmitter steering built into the system. The integrated voter controls which radio sites are selected as transmit sites (determined by the voted site)


Quality commitment: InterTalk is committed to quality assurance and data security, with our ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management) and ISO 27001:2013 (Data Security) certifications


Seamless logging recorder: InterTalk offers Transcript, its archival logging recorder. Transcript does no transcoding: audio is digitized at the network edge, providing unparalleled voice clarity and reduced risk of audio loss versus ‘the other guys.’


System workload sharing: InterTalk’s DCS provides workload sharing across geo-diverse, network-connected locations. The benefit? Lower equipment and maintenance costs per user with streamlined equipment needs.


Direct factory support: InterTalk offers 24/7 support for our product line direct from the factory, with technicians and engineers who have designed and built the system – no call center support here!


Reduced total cost of ownership: With so many integrated features (like our voter, transmitter-steerer, logging recorder, and more), your agency will enjoy economic and physical space savings over the life of your investment.


InterTalk strives to maintain the highest standards when developing our product line. To keep up to date with the latest industry trends, news, and standards, InterTalk is a proud member of several communications and business associations.

It’s time to bring value to your budget.

After reviewing your situation, specs and budget, InterTalk creates a custom solution to meet your dispatch radio needs. Book your needs assessment today.

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