InterTalk is your advanced P25 console solution.

Project 25 (P25) is the standard for digital wireless communications products. Governed by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), and developed with input from public safety officials at the local, state, and federal levels, P25 is administered by the TIA’s Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards Committee, known as TR-8. P25 technology has many benefits to its end users, including interoperability, integrated voice and data, easy migration, competitive procurement opportunities, and spectral efficiency.

The benefit to you? InterTalk is a key supporter of open-standards for public safety radio networks within North America. InterTalk was the first console system manufacturer to support the Console Sub-System Interface (CSSI) for P25, allowing our console systems and products to work with any compliant P25 radio network system. The CSSI is built upon the Inter Sub-System Interface (ISSI), which means that InterTalk’s console system can support simultaneous multiply-connected P25 systems. InterTalk consoles have successfully integrated with various third party P25 infrastructure providers, including Harris, Cassidian, Motorola, and Tait. Whatever your system, InterTalk can and will support it.

InterTalk is a proud member of both the Project 25 Technology Interest Group and the Telecommunications Industry Association.

Supported P25 Interfaces

  • Trunked Inter-RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI)
  • Trunked Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI)
  • Conventional Inter-RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI)
  • Analog Fixed Station Interface (AFSI)
  • Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI)


Supported P25 Voice, Console, and Supplementary Features

Unaddressed Voice CallN/A
Voice Group Call
Announcement Group CallN/A
Broadcast Voice CallN/A
System Voice CallN/A
Individual (Unit-to-Unit) Call
Emergency Group Call
Emergency Unit Call
Call Prioritization
Call Pre-emption
Call Interrupt
Emergency Alarm
Emergency Alarm Cancel
Group Emergency Cancel
Talking Party Identification
Discreet Listening
Radio Unit Monitoring
Audible Signaling
Radio Inhibit/Unhibit
Radio Check
Status Request
Status Update
Call Alert
Short Messaging
Radio DetachN/A
AES / DES Encryption
Console Priority


Supported TIA Standards

TSB-102.BACC-BNov. 2011ISSI Overview
TIA-102.BACA-BNov. 2012ISSI Messages and Procedures for Voice and Mobility Management Services
TIA-102.BACD-BNov. 2011ISSI Messages and Procedures for Supplementary Data Services
TIA-102.BACEJun. 2008ISSI Messages and Procedures for Conventional Operation
TIA-102.BAHAJun. 2006FSI Messages and Procedures
TIA/EIA-102.AAAA-AFeb. 2001DES Encryption Protocol
TIA/EIA-102.AAAD.AAug. 2009Block Encryption Protocol
TIA-102.BABAMay 1998Vocoder Description
TIA-102.BABA-1Jul. 2009Half-Rate Vocoder Annex


Tested Against the Following Standards

TSB-102.CACCJan. 2009ISSI Conformance Test Procedure
TIA-102.CACC-1Aug. 2011ISSI Conformance Test Procedure - Addendum 1 - Supplementary Data
TIA-102.CBBK-AMar. 2010Recommended Compliance Assessment Tests - Trunking ISSI
TIA-102.CACD-AFeb. 2010ISSI Interoperability Test Procedures for Trunked Systems Involving the ISSI
TIA-102.CACBApr. 2007ISSI Performance Recommendations for Voice Services
TIA-102.CACB-1Dec. 2008ISSI Performance Recommendations for Voice Services - Addendum 1 - Trunked Console ISSI
TIA-102.CACAApr. 2007ISSI Measurement Methods of Voice Services
TIA-102.CACA-1Dec. 2008ISSI Measurement Methods of Voice Services - Addendum 1 - Trunked Console ISSI
CAB DocumentMar. 2010P25-CAB-ISSI_TEST_REQ: ISSI Testing Requirements


NIST Standards for Crypto Module

FIPS PUB 140-2Jan. 1994Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules
FIPS PUB 197Nov. 2001Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
FIPS PUB 46-3Oct. 1999Data Encryption Standard (DES)

DOWNLOAD: Specsheet – P25 System Features [PDF – 0.9 MB]

Cut through the bureaucracy of updating or replacing your dispatch radio system. There are more options than you think. Contact InterTalk today to learn how we can tie into your dispatch equipment. It’s time for a seamless upgrade.