InterTalk DCS Extensions

dispatch radio

You want exact-fit dispatch products that work, your way. That’s why InterTalk offers extensions for your InterTalk Dispatch Console System.

Whether you need archival recording, to convert analog audio to IP, remote site control, or advanced statistics, these InterTalk Extensions will have you covered.



InterTalk DCS Extensions

police audio recorder


Archival Logging Recorder System

This full-featured web-based application is available to be integrated into your new or existing InterTalk Dispatch Console System, recording all radio and/or telephone traffic flowing through the Dispatch Console System.

radio over ip


IP Radio Gateway

The Citadel IP Radio Gateway serves as the connection between non-IP radios and your network.

dispatch radio


Intelligent Communication Statistics Logging

InterStat is an Enterprise-grade data analysis and reporting tool available for your radiotelephony communications system.


Our custom console solutions are in use by police and fire departments, railways, and business enterprises, and we continue to be the dispatch equipment vendor of choice for public safety, utility, and transportation agencies across North America.

InterTalk supports what you need and want for your dispatch equipment.

Our team of engineers and developers will problem solve any technical questions you have. Learn how we can meet your technical specs.