Aviation Radio Dispatch


From planning flight paths to accounting for wind speed, storms, aircraft performance and more, flight dispatchers shoulder a lot of responsibility.

When your dispatch communication system starts to age, you need a reliable dispatch console system up and running as soon as possible.

InterTalk is ready to support what you need and want in your control console system. Make your current equipment work for you or get the most robust radio dispatch solution for your budget right from the start. Our engineers and developers are just a phone call away to help assist, problem solve, or schedule on-site training for any technical issues that arise.





Dispatch Console System

InterTalk’s Dispatch Console System (DCS) sits at the core of your dispatch operation.

InterTalk Cloud Dispatch

A more informed dispatch solution

InterTalk Cloud Dispatch is a cloud-based public-safety-grade radio and telephone dispatch console system.


Archival Logging Recorder System

This full-featured web-based application is available to be integrated into your new or existing InterTalk Dispatch Console System, recording all radio and/or telephone traffic.


IP Radio Gateway

The Citadel IP Radio Gateway serves as the connection between non-IP radios and your network.


Give us your specs and checklist. Let us work together to get your dispatch console, your way. With over 30 years in the dispatch industry, InterTalk is known and trusted throughout the world to get the job done.

Discover how InterTalk’s Dispatch Console System will serve your flight dispatchers today.