Rail Dispatch Radio


rail radio

From coast to coast, InterTalk helps rail operators keep their lines of mission-critical communications open and running smoothly.

InterTalk knows dispatch and takes pride and ownership in ensuring the dispatch equipment solutions they provide are efficient, reliable, and sustainable.

We care about hearing your ideas and opinions so we can understand and meet your radio dispatch equipment needs. You have a checklist of specifications, and our goal is to meet them. We go above and beyond to give you the best training and integration support both during and after install. Our engineers and developers are involved in each step along the way. They know and understand the technical details you are working with because they have custom-designed your console system. They also understand the risks associated with a new radio dispatch system not integrating smoothly.




rail radio


Dispatch Console System

InterTalk’s Dispatch Console System (DCS) sits at the core of your dispatch operation.

InterTalk Enlite™

A more informed dispatch solution

InterTalk Enlite is a cloud-based public-safety-grade radio and telephone dispatch console system.


Rail traffic controllers can count on InterTalk to make their dispatch equipment work for them. With over 30 years in the dispatch radio industry, 100% of InterTalk’s current system deployments are still in full-functional use.

Your train controllers need reliable radio dispatch equipment to optimize resources and safety.

Discover how InterTalk’s Dispatch Console System is the cost-effective, efficient, custom dispatch radio solution that checks all your boxes.