Citadel IP Radio Gateway

911 dispatch console

IP-Connected Remote Site Control

The Citadel IP Radio Gateway serves as the connection between non-IP radios and your network. InterTalk’s Citadel IP Radio Gateway can be used to construct nearly any type of voice or data radio network, as it converts any audio from conventional radio or phone and sends it to your console system(s) and radio sites at your agency, and vice versa. Small and mighty, with powerful voice and audio handling, the Citadel can be customized to meet your exact communications requirements in the field, and also allows you to remotely control gates, doors, lighting, alarms, generators, or anything else connected to your network.

The Citadel can connect to and control base stations via GPIO (parallel port) connections, with additional ports available to control radio units using RS-232/422/485, USB or Ethernet. The Citadel can control up to four (4) base stations per controller using a single IP connection with TCP/IP for control, and RTP/UDP/IP for voice streaming.

Where no IP backhaul facilities exist, the Citadel can be configured for analog trunk operation by using one of the analog ports as drop-and-insert style trunk connections.

The Citadel also enables an extended network of conventional repeaters to work together over a wide area. While analog trunks can be used, IP connections between the sites allows for advanced features such as peer-to-peer receiver voting, transmitter steering, and talker identification. With the addition of the Vantage Dispatch Console System, a small and very functional radio network with advanced features can be built for less than the cost of a typical P25 system controller.
The Citadel’s DSP technology accompanied by its built-in Linux operating system make it easily modifiable for any job you can think up for your site. Coupled with a best-in-class input and output offerings, an extreme temperature range tolerance (-40°C to +65°C / -40°F to 149°F), and a significantly lower power requirement (3W nominal), our Citadel Analog Radio Gateway is the smartest, most economical choice for your remote, battery/solar-powered radio site requirements.
Key Features: 
DTMF Tone Call-in
RSSI Indicator
Auxiliary Input
MDC-1200 Protocol Support
COR Input
Relay Control
Local Radio Control
Temperature Sensor
Product Specs: 

12 General Purpose Inputs (Alarms)

12 Outputs (Controls)

3W Power Dissipation

Supports MDC-1200, GE-Star™, Fleetsync™ signalling

Supports tone remote control, analog paging tones, Selcall, CTCSS/DCS, FFSK/GMSK, PSK

Tone, serial, local, or relay radio control

Ethernet for connection to consoles

Audio interface to radios, phone, voters, and other audio sources

In-Cabinet Repeater

Serial port for RS-232 data

Functions in -40F to +149F (-40C to +65C) temperature environments