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2023 Training Dates To Be Announced 

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Administrative Training Details

Cost: There is no charge to registered InterTalk Dealers and InterTalk System Owners covered by InterTalk ServiceFirst program.

Pre-requisites: None.

Length: Two (2) day commitment, four (4) hours a day. The course is delivered virtually online.

Attendees: InterTalk System Owners, InterTalk Dealer Sales Managers, and Dealer Sales Reps (DSRs).

Certification: Must successfully pass a final written test to obtain Certification*.
*Certification follows the person(s) attending, not the entity they work for.

Administrative Training Objective:

  • System owners who want to Administer their systems will obtain a level of system understanding and proficiency to successfully monitor and maintain their system implementation and state-of-health.
  • For InterTalk Dealer Technicians, they would have a clear understanding of all components and basic systems architectures and learn the InterTalk language to interact effectively with InterTalk First Tier Customer Support.
  • For InterTalk Dealer Sales Reps (DSRs), they would obtain a level of knowledge to differentiate us from the competition, identify InterTalk opportunities, and comprehensively fill out a Systems Questionnaire.

Advanced Training Details

Cost: $3,000.00 per seat. Pre-pay when the seat is booked online. There are no refunds, but they can be rolled over to the next available date if unable to attend the initial scheduled date.

Pre-requisites: Attendees must have already passed the Administrative Training course.

Length: Four (4) day hands-on course, starting at 8 am Monday. Lab and test on Friday morning, then travel home that afternoon. 8-10 hour days in the lab at either Dartmouth, NS or Sacramento, CA facility, TBD by InterTalk. 

Attendees: Super Users, Technicians of SMEU’s (Self-Maintained End Users), and Dealer Technicians that want to obtain the skills to implement their InterTalk systems in the field without being subject to related Pro Services. Those who wish to qualify as an InterTalk Authorized Integrator must pass the Advanced test.

Certification: Must successfully pass a final written test to obtain Certification*.
*Certification follows the person(s) attending, not the entity they work for.  

Advanced Training Objective:

  • Super Users and SMEU’s would obtain the necessary skills to fully understand, troubleshoot and Administer their InterTalk system without the need for a third-party service provider.
  • Dealer Technicians/Engineers will obtain the knowledge to provision and implement a complete InterTalk console solution in the field with very little if any support needed from InterTalk Professional Services group. 
  • Technically prepared to support an InterTalk Console Solution in the field as a First Responder.

Advanced Training Credentials and Benefits:

  • Certificate of completion of the course.
  • Prepared to take an online refresher course every two (2) years as a commitment to their continuing education.
  • Recognized by InterTalk Customer Support as Tier 2 support.

Authorized Integrator Training Details

The distinction of an InterTalk Authorized Integrator would be the highest service certification one can achieve. Those organizations would be required to support two (2) or more InterTalk Advanced Trained technicians at all times. InterTalk will provide InterTalk logo branded shirts/apparel to identify the technician in the field as an InterTalk Authorized Integrator. A special logo medallion will be issued to the Integrator with the expectation that it be prominently displayed on the Integrator’s website and on public display at the Integrator’s offices and service locations. InterTalk reserves the right to periodically hire the Integrator to provide Professional Services on behalf of the company. Generally, these services would be provided to major end-users with whom InterTalk maintains a direct service relationship. Certification follows the technical person(s) that have received Advanced Training AND the entity they work for.

Authorized Integrator Credentials, Benefits and Responsibilities:

  • Digital Medallion and Certificate of Authorization.
  • Authorized to provide services on behalf of InterTalk to Major and Direct InterTalk Accounts.
  • Recognized by InterTalk Customer Support as Tier 3 support with 24/7 Service access to InterTalk Engineering.
  • Authorized and willing to provide Instructor and Training Services on behalf of InterTalk.
  • Engage in assisting the InterTalk development team with field testing new products and features as requested.

Qualification Process: 
InterTalk will determine at its sole discretion who qualifies as an Authorized Integrator and their associated strategic location(s)

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