InterTalk's Communications Ecosystem

InterTalk's Vantage Dispatch Console System is made up of 3 core components – The ILS Server, IP Radio Gateways, and the Vantage Dispatch Console workstations. Each of these components is integrated with one another via IP streams, meaning that all audio, controls, and configuration is provided through the network. ILS' self-healing capabilities increases the system's availability; smaller systems with a pair of servers can meet or exceed 99.999% availability in the core, ensuring your critical communications are always connected.  

InterTalk also provides a fully scalable architecture. The number of dispatch console positions that can be powered by the ILS is limited only by network considerations. As the system grows, additional ILS servers load share across the network and provide redundancy should an ILS server go offline for unfdoreseen reasons. With a properly designed network, the number of dispatch console positions is unlimited, allowing your agency to grow your operations as required without significant investment in all-new system infrastructure.

Key Features: 
InterTalk Dispatch Console Workstation - the dispatcher's command and control dashboard, connecting all critical information and communications
ILS Server – the core of the system, the ILS handles audio routing, call authentication, database configuration, system diagnostics, and health checks
Transcript Archival Logging Recorder - offering voice, data, image, video, text (and more) archiving, all incident information is seamlessly tied together for dispatcher and first responder access
Citadel IP Radio Gateway - serves as a connection between non-IP radios and your network, offering unprecedented control in the field
AUDx - provides IP streaming audio connectivity to the fixed end equipment as well as interface points for all the ancillary equipment, such as the headset box, speakers, footswitch, and/or telephone set interface