Transcript Archival Logging Recorder

Transcript™ is InterTalk’s™ Archival Logging Recorder system. This full-featured web-based application is available to be integrated into your existing InterTalk™ Critical Information Systems, or as a standalone solution for your mission-critical agency.

Seamless Multi-Source Recording

Transcript™ logs all your valuable voice, text, photos, and videos. Every single talkgroup, radio, intercom, and telephone call can be recorded and archived with Transcript™. As InterTalk develops new technology and features, Transcript™ can be easily updated, saving your agency money on costly hardware upgrades.

Built-In Backup & Redundancy

All audio that enters Transcript™ can be backed up to any removable media format, including USB thumb drive, external USB drive, NAS, CD, DVD, or Blu-ray. The amount of audio that can be kept is only limited by your harddrive storage space. Because Transcript™ does not do simple "track recording", it does not record unneeded silence during incoming/outgoing audio transmissions, saving you time and ensuring you only get the audio you need to hear.

The data that enters Transcript™ cannot be removed, modified, redacted, or hidden, ensuring that an auditable and legal chain of evidence is maintained. Transcript will maintain recordings for one (1) year by default, and automatically overwrites audio files older than 365 days with newer files, resulting in a one year "sliding window" of audio recordings. Audio recordings that must be kept on record can be tagged as "Yellow tape", ensuring it will not be deleted after one year.

The Transcript™ Archival Logging Recorder runs on a standard server computer with RAID disk drives, preventing the loss of any recordings should the unforeseen occur. The RAID provides a pluggable replacement for a failed disk drive without removing the logging recorder from service. Transcript's RAID array works in the background to automatically rebuild data to the new replacement drive, while the server continues to run the logging recorder.

Robust Event Tagging & Searching

Transcript’s™ archives can be tagged with the call source, operator identity, date, and other event details. This allows for easy "live-filtered" search and retrieval, and audio or text-based notes to be attached to the event log, providing further clarity and communication within your agency.

Easy Audio Control

Transcript's™ playback controls are designed with the end-user in mind. Transcript can play, pause, fast forward, and rewind audio tracks, and is capable of nudging audio backward and forward, and playing tracks at faster or slower speeds. Transcript™ also offers a repeat function, allowing specifically-selected sections of audio tracks to be played repeatedly.

Transcript™ also offers a coarse and fine time indicator, and the Analyst console can display up to 8 separate audio streams on the GUI. Audio records can be retrieved by searching meta-tags associated with each audio file/stream, whether it is the date or time of the audio recording, or a CAD-assigned reference number.

SysAdmin Console

Transcript's™ SysAdmin Console allows technicians to configure external interfaces, set Transcript™ IP addresses, run internal tests, view call volume metrics and system status conditions, set user credentials and privileges, start and stop individual Transcript Servers, and conduct additional SysAdmin duties. Transcript's™ SysAdmin Console can be remotely accessed using SSH with appropriate Administrative credentials.

Designed for

  • Public Safety agencies (Police, Fire, Medical)
  • Utility companies (Electric, Hydro)
  • Government applications (Military, Forestry)
  • Transportation enterprises (Railway, Aviation, Marine, Logistics)
Product Specs: 

Captures media from analog or digital P25 radio

VoIP, SIP, T1/E1, ISDN, ED137 capable

Audio visualization, PTT-ID, Caller ID

Robust audio playback options

Display up to 8 different audio streams at once

Back-up archives to any medium (USB, CD/DVD, NAS, Blu-ray, external harddrive)

Fully redundant architecture

Search and catalogue functions via meta-tag integration

No hardware required, saving space and money

Future-proof via software upgrades to accommodate new and legacy technology

Text to 911 Ready

No transcoding required means precise audio clarity

"Chain of evidence" provisions ensure no one can tamper with recordings