InterTalk NG9-1-1

InterTalk NG911

The Only Next-Gen 9-1-1 Phone Solution You'll Need

Experience InterTalk's Ultimate 9-1-1 solution, providing the most versatile hosted, remote hosted, consolidated, or local architectures as your advanced 9-1-1 solution.

Hosted Topologies

InterTalk NG9-1-1 is the most sophisticated and flexible IP based 9-1-1 phone solution available, designed to handle 1000s of simultaneous calls across a wide range of domains and architectures. The InterTalk NG9-1-1 architecture was designed to provide a wide variety of Hosted, Remote Hosted, Local, Virtualization, and disaster recovery options to our clients. As a network-based solution, our system can be scaled out with ease while allowing customers to geo-locate their equipment across multiple domains. This means that with every install, the primary and secondary servers can be separated and reside in different locations. When PSAPs from multiple counties are involved, each county can house the secondary server for the neighboring county or counties, or in another location or data center altogether. InterTalk works with our customers to build the exact-fit architecture that suits operational needs, be it spoke and wheel, a local install, or a hosted data center environment.

Full-Featured IP Admin Phone Solution

Available in every install is a full-featured Administrative Phone solution with voicemail, auto-attendant, text-to-email, and much more. This solution is designed to support entire counties and 1000s of simultaneous calls.

Mobile 9-1-1 or PSAP Positions

Expand your PSAP footprint with mobile positions that can connect securely using wireless networks from any location. Ideal for remote locations where you require one or many 9-1-1 or positions on or a consolidated Mobile PSAP housed in a single unit that connects in any remote location. Ideal for trailers, backup centers, remote data centers or other locations.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Integrate a dialer, phone, ALI, map or reports into any third party application in mere days. Ideal for a CAD, Archival Voice Loggers or Radio Solutions looking to integrate a phone solution or 9-1-1 components.

Web-Based Mapping

InterTalk NG9-1-1 offers advanced web-based mapping with an integrated phone solution. This solution can easily be integrated directly into your existing InterTalk System, or third party applications.

System Alert & Monitoring Solution

The built-in advanced System Alert & Monitoring features identify symptoms before they become a problem. With this solution, each system is tagged with many sensors which are monitored in a proactive approach.

Web Portal

Our web-based Management Information Systems (MIS) Portal was created for key PSAP personnel to securely view and analyze their PSAP ecosystem from any IP-connected location. Our MIS solution allows you to build the most comprehensive and customized analytics available today.

Key Features: 
GOLD STANDARD DEPLOYMENT: Deploying a new solution has never been easier; a new system can be built in minutes, making InterTalk NG9-1-1 easily supportable
BACKUP VOICE RECORDER: Included in every install is a backup server client that can be customized to house a backup of voice recordings, providing support in the event of a voice recorder switchover.
SMS: By developing a SIP-based solution, InterTalk NG9-1-1 is SMS texting ready and will easily integrate with other texting applications.
CALL MANAGEMENT MODULE: Featuring the most comprehensive call routing capabilities, our call management module provides customers with a wide range of dynamic call routing & directing with unlimited flexibility.
MULTIPLE SERVER REGISTRATION: Ensures a non-interrupted service across multiple ESINet/i3 and hardware networks in the event of a catastrophic failure.
i3 & ESINet INTEGRATION: Every install includes a Plug and Play i3 & ESINet Software Integration module. As a true SIP connection, no additional hardware is required, reducing the hardware footprint and increasing system reliability.
BUILDING SECURITY: Our solution provides building security features, helping PSAPs manage building access, gates, entries, and more on one unified platform.
CUSTOM TRUNK TAGGING AS A PRIORITY: Operators can tag and prioritize specific channels or numbers via call routing activity.
LEGACY SWITCHES: InterTalk NG9-1-1 can integrate with any legacy switch including CS1000, ShoreTel, Mitel, and many more.
REMOTE ALI SERVICES: Provide ALI to remote mapping, CAD, or archival voice logging recorders with ease.
PLATFORM AS A SERVICE (PaaS): Run, manage and secure a wide range of applications without the complexity of building and maintaining their 9-1-1 ecosystem.
SCALABLE ARCHITECTURE: As technology advances our solution will follow. Scalability and agility are components of our platform's foundation.
ADMINISTRATION MODULE: Provides administrators with an easy to use managerial tool that helps with day-to-day work activity. Handling moves, adds, and changes is simple to execute, learn, and manage.
ENTERPRISE GRADE HARDWARE: Our hardware deployment methodology provides redundant equipment ensuring no single point of system failure.
CUSTOMIZABLE IN-CALL HEADERS: Providing a non-interrupted service across multiple ESINet/i3 and hardware networks in the event of a catastrophic failure.
24/7 SUPPORT: Direct engineering support means our customers do not have long support wait times. We strive for one-call resolution each and every time.