InterTalk Logistics Supervisor (ILS)

The InterTalk Logistics Supervisor (ILS) is the core of the InterTalk Integrated Dispatch and Control Console System. The ILS manages InterTalk's logistics, including the call processing, audio stream switching, mixing, and routing, and system health checks.

InterTalk’s ILS is configured in a standard web browser, using the ILS IP address. This allows easy remote access, control, and monitoring of the system, saving you valuable time in the field.

InterTalk’s ILS units can be located anywhere with network connectivity, and the number of ILS units is scalable to your agency’s network traffic requirements. Whether your needs are large or small, InterTalk’s versatility has you covered.

Product Specs: 

Intel Xeon Processor

16GB RAM (or better, depending on customer needs)

500 GB HDD

Dual Network Interface Cards (NIC)

Dual power supply

19" industry-standard form factor

Optional Optical Drive