Intelligent Communication Statistics Logging

InterStat is an Enterprise-grade data analysis and reporting tool available for your radio-telephony communications system. InterStat’s robust power allows users to easily view, export, share, and visualize any combination of system data captured on your communications system.

Pull Your Data Out of the Dark

InterStat uses the power of modern data capture techniques to extract any and all meaningful data from your communication system’s database, and display it in ways that are easy to understand and interpret. Combined with support for the most common web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11+, and Microsoft Edge), InterStat will provide your agency’s users with the data required to make mission-critical resource-planning decisions, wherever there is a network connection.

Seamless Multi-Source Statistical Logging & Analysis

InterStat allows your agency to log virtually any communication-based data that flows through your system. As a result, the logging and informatics possibilities are limitless: track analog and/or digital radio use at your command center, or in the field (P25, NXDN, DMR, TETRA, VHF, UHF, and more), telephones (cell phones, POTS, T1, VoIP, and more), pages, SMS, and any IP-based asset passing through your communications system. The deep power of knowing precisely when, where, why and how your team in the field is utilizing their communications infrastructure allows for clear, data-validated decision-making in your operation.

Customize Your Dashboard, Reports, and More

What do you need to see from all the communications data that can be logged by InterStat? With the flexibility to tailor your user dashboard and reports any way you like, you can be certain you have all the right information, at the right time, in the right format. Lay out your dashboard the way you want it, customize the reports you generate, export in a file format you need, and securely share the data with approved team members - on-demand, or by automatic scheduled sending over email or other transmission method.
Key Features: 
Web browser interface and access (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11+, Edge)
Network accessible
Data sorting, filtering, visualization, and trends
"Event search" capable
Generate, export (CSV, PDF), and share on-demand or scheduled reports
Fully automated report generation and sharing
Customizable dashboard display
Print data and reports on command
Key logger tracks all operator inputs/actions
Interval event reporting (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
Min/Max/Average reports for all communications
Full credentials-based login; archives are password-protected
Product Specs: 

Compatible with P25 (CSSI/ISSI/DFSI), NXDN, DMR, TETRA, analog radio systems

Compatible with telephones (POTS, VoIP, T1), cell phones, pagers, and more

Operator position Push-to-Talk (PTT) events and durations

Operator position RX/TX events and durations

Channel PTT quantities, events, and durations

Channel RX/TX quantities, events, and durations

Telephone line usage (total calls, cumulative call times, and more)

Voting and transmitter-steering events

Alarm reporting and logging

Busy and/or peak hour analysis

Event date and time stamping

Full event or log search capabilities

Key logging and/or button activity

Unlimited channel capacity