Integrated Voting Solution

The Vantage Dispatch Console System is built to include a voting system right in the console, another radio dispatch console first. InterTalk’s truly integrated voter solution ensures the best mobile talk-back capability in the field, providing clear and constant critical communications. InterTalk’s voter solution supports uplink and downlink voting, and simulcast network voting.

Because InterTalk’s voting solution is a software-based algorithm, there is no need to use valuable space in your server room for numerous voting systems - it is included in the existing InterTalk ILS. Upgrades to InterTalk’s integrated voting solution are done with a simple software installation; with no additional voter hardware to maintain and support, the cost savings to your agency are significant.

Product Specs: 

Analog or digital P25 voting

Voting based on signal quality (S/N, BER, or RSSI)

Votes every 20ms to attain best signal

Each voter supports up to 24 sites

Uplink and downlink voting

Simulcast network voting

Future-proof via software upgrades to accommodate new and legacy technology

No additional 3rd party hardware required, saving space and money

Unlimited voter support via ILS