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A more flexible digital dispatch system

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InterTalk Cloud Dispatch is a cloud-based dispatch for today — and tomorrow. This public-safety grade radio and telephone dispatch console system empowers dispatchers by bringing LMR, P25 and telephone call-taking capabilities to their fingertips. With a growing wealth of available data integrations such as social media, CAD, mapping, weather, video and SMS messaging, the right information is always available.

Product Overview – InterTalk Cloud Dispatch [PDF – 1.2 MB]

Modern dispatching is more than sending and receiving audio calls from an old interface in a fixed location. It demands the ability to dispatch anywhere and everywhere.

The challenges of dispatch

  • Dispatch “silos” require dispatchers to take multiple pieces of imperfect information from different systems and connect the right people to the job in an urgent situation.
  • Operational continuity is tied to a physical command center with limited location flexibility.
  • RoIP standards are not truly interoperable, limiting public safety’s ability to integrate and leverage the latest innovative solutions.
  • Continually evolving technology can quickly render equipment obsolete and unsupported.
  • Dispatch communications are reactive and often limited to voice interaction.

The solution is InterTalk Cloud Dispatch.

InterTalk Cloud Dispatch is a public-safety grade radio and telephone cloud dispatch and mobile dispatch console system.

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  • InterTalk Cloud Dispatch represents a significant shift in critical communications information distribution and dispatch, with dispatch anywhere mobile capability and state-of-the-art cloud-based 911 dispatch software.
  • InterTalk Cloud Dispatch both simplifies and expands dispatcher capacity with one cloud dispatch system that brings a convergence of reduced hardware, valuable information and simpler task management in one intuitive dashboard experience.
  • Updates and upgrades to the digital dispatch system are delivered via live-push, helping dispatch operations focus on saving lives, not managing technology.

Does your radio dispatch system enable operational continuity?

See how InterTalk Cloud Dispatch works to empower your team to work flexibly and seamlessly.

A World of Information

Intelligent dispatch.

InterTalk Cloud Dispatch supports a wide range of operational scenarios:

  • Dispatchers can send and receive radio and telephone communications from their standard computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone on any LAN, WAN, LTE, 5G or WiFi connection, giving your operations unprecedented flexibility to dispatch anywhere.
  • This digital dispatch system leverages both LMR and PoC solutions while empowering dispatchers to manage radio traffic on both networks and phone networks easily.

Dispatchers and operational staff can work wherever they find themselves — at a PSAP, command center, at home or on the scene of an event. This means more resilient teams enabled for operational continuity.


InterTalk Cloud Dispatch addresses the challenges of today’s radio dispatch systems, maximizing location and usability flexibility, informational intelligence, integration, security, reliability and cost-effective technological relevance.

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The road ahead for remote dispatch and public safety software is flexible, responsive and service-first. InterTalk Cloud Dispatch is leading the way.

InterTalk Cloud Dispatch Meets Today’s Dispatch Needs

Dispatch anywhere with our LTE dispatch console.

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Dispatchers are empowered by a growing wealth of configurable data integrations including social media, CAD, over-the-top service feeds, weather and video.

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Affordable & Evergreen

Avoid technological obsolescence through InterTalk Cloud Dispatch – dispatch as a service model, allowing organizations of all sizes to benefit from reduced fixed costs, state-of-the-art emergency dispatch software, infinite cloud scalability and pay-by-need equality.

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Connect Anywhere

Enable intelligent dispatch communications from almost anywhere through an Internet-connected (wired, WiFi, LTE or satellite) desktop, laptop, desktop, tablet and/or smartphone.

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Secure & Reliable

Encrypted according to guidelines from NIST and OWASP guidelines, our cloud-based dispatch architecture minimizes disruption risk through geo-diversity and geo-redundancy.

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Technology Bridging

Fully integrate with your current on-premises 911 dispatch software and systems, LMR, P25, DMR, analog radio and all types of telephone systems, providing a seamless migration to cloud technologies now and in the future.




Android & Windows Chrome Browser Compatible


Large-Screen Display


Dynamic Map Display


Video Feeds


Role Based Authentication


Instant Recall Recorder


Mobile Display


Social Media Feeds


On-Screen Clock


Flexible, Configurable User Interface

Radio Dispatch


Land Mobile Radio (LMR)


SIP Recording


Connect Bluetooth Device




Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier 2 & Tier 3*


Tone Encoder*


Telephone Paging*


Channel-Marker Tone*




Radio History Playback*


ILS Integration


RoIP Gateway*


AUX-IO Integration*






Analog Paging*

Telephone Dispatch


VoIP Telephone Call-Taking


Call Queues*


Automatic Call Distribution*

InterTalk Cloud Dispatch Group Communication


Push-To-Talk (PTT) Between InterTalk Cloud Dispatch Users


1-to-many calls (ad-hoc groups)*


Location Tracking


1-to-1 calls


Up to 100 groups/channels*

*Future phase


What happens when the Internet goes down?

InterTalk’s Cloud Dispatch can be deployed with gateway equipment on-site, co-located with your radio equipment. Users that are in the same network partition as the radios can continue to communicate with their radios. From their browser, each radio site is a direct connection and may be made even if the wider internet is not available.


How do my connection and device impact my quality of service?

The quality of your experience is closely linked to the quality of your Internet connection and devices used. If your bandwidth is shared in a way that degrades the flow of data, it can impact the quality of audio/performance within the system. If you’re in an area with poor LTE/3G quality, it will impact the quality of audio and speed of processing that you are experiencing. If your PC/laptop/smartphone/tablet is older and/or performing other processes at the same time you’re using Cloud Dispatch, it can impact performance. For optimum performance, close all other applications that are running and use the Network Health widgets to understand the quality of your network. The higher the number of packets lost, the more impact you’ll see on your audio quality.


What devices are currently supported?

For optimal performance, PC’s and laptops need to be running on Windows 10 and later; tablets and smartphones need to be running on Android 9.0 and later. All devices should be connected through the latest version of Chrome or Chromium-based browser.


“The concept of working from multiple remote centers and the need of an evacuation scenario have brought the need for a product like InterTalk Cloud Dispatch to light.”

Chris Bellamy, Network Infrastructure Manager, OPMA,
ODOT Wireless Communications Section


“The potential of the product (InterTalk Cloud Dispatch) is very exciting.”

Michael Goding, Console Administrator
ODOT Wireless Communications Section Bend

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