Citadel nMesh

IP-Connected Interoperability Solution

InterTalk's Citadel nMesh connects up to four (4) mobile radio units allowing in-field interoperability between diverse radio formats and RF bands. Need more than four radios? Multiple nMESH units connect using IP so you can build any size interoperability bridge locally or over any distance. More than just an interoperability bridge, nMesh can be used to extend coverage into unserviced areas. Citadel nMesh units are built for harsh environmental conditions, and can be left in place permanently to provide gateways between radio systems even where those systems are far apart.

Standards-Based Assurance

Citadel nMesh is housed in a standard 1 RU high 19” rack-mountable enclosure small enough to fit into nearly any rack. Alternatively, the unit can be conveniently mounted vertically on a backboard or on any open wall space. Citadel nMesh can be fitted with various power supplies for 12 VDC, -48 VDC, 120 VAC or 240 VAC. Redundant dual power feeds allow multiple supplies to be used if needed. With pre-made interconnecting cables, Citadel nMesh is ready to go within minutes of arriving at the scene.

Browser-Based Management

Interoperability connections are configured via an IP-connected PC or laptop using a standard browser like Firefox or Chrome. The connections can be easily changed as your agency’s requirements evolve. The management dashboard lets you easily check, set and test levels as well as for proper PTT operation. VOX-based buffering is used to ensure that no audio is ever lost. While InterTalk’s default settings work well in most cases, the dashboard gives you full flexibility to adjust all VOX and buffer parameters allowing optimization of every connection.

Scalable Communications Ecosystem

When your tactical operation needs centralized, instant communications across all the First Responders at your site, consider the InterTalk nCompass Mobile Dispatch Console. The nCompass can be set up and operating in just five minutes, and connects all your agency’s nMesh units locally or across an IP network. You have instant access to field units, regardless of the band or format they are using. Quickly and effortlessly set up and pull down joined networks while simultaneously monitoring everything that is happening across all connected networks. With nCompass, you can talk to any of them – instantly!

nMesh Architecture


Distortion < 0.5%
Noise -65 dBc
Crosstalk < 60 dB
Maximum Output 3 Vrms
Minimum Input 14 mVrms
Frequency Response 300 - 3000 Hz +1/-3 dB
Connectors RJ45
Input Power 12 vdc; 3 watts
Physical Dimensions 1.72" H x 11.1" D x 19.0" W
Weight 7 lbs