InterTalk Critical Information Systems manufactures radio dispatch command and control products that meet the needs of today’s mission-critical communications, whether in the realm of public safety, government, transportation, or private enterprise.

Our InterTalk Vantage Dispatch Console System offers IP-based command and control that is reliable, scalable, and fully redundant, ensuring there are never any critical failures, no matter the circumstance.

InterTalk offers a comprehensive 24/7 technical support package to its customers, and we stand behind our products for life. As the only console manufacturer to have a perpetual product lifecycle and support, InterTalk will never serve our customers with an end of life notice…we are that confident in our product. Contact us to find out how we can provide a no-compromise, exact-fit communications solution for you!

Powerful Communications Integration

It used to be that telephone systems were for phone calls and radio systems talked to radios. But why handle one conversation with several different tools? 

Service Anywhere, Anytime

No more anxiously waiting for a tech to arrive, with Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity, InterTalk can connect to and use resources from literally anywhere.

Custom User Dashboard

Let’s face it, dispatchers spend most of their working hours staring at their screens. Console screens can be cluttered, chaotic or just plain ugly. InterTalk’s dashboard is ergonomically engineered for real-life situations.

Superior sales support

At InterTalk we believe a product is only as great as the customer service that stands behind it – that's why we pride ourselves on providing a collaborative experience from start to finish.

Reliable & Scalable

We understand that not every agency needs hundreds of console positions or to talk to a thousand channels, but wouldn't it be nice to know that your system can handle that and more?