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Used across North America, our InterTalk Critical Information Systems help keep your infrastructure connected.

When the stakes include vital public and private infrastructure, InterTalk Critical Information Systems help ensure zero downtime with full system redundancy failover, scalable architecture, and a simple user interface that is an exact-fit to operator, dispatcher, and supervisor needs.

InterTalk's Vantage Dispatch Console System is a 100% IP-based console platform that are able to interface with any digital or analog radio system, telephone network, intercom, data application (SCADA, CAD, AVL, GIS), or any other digitized data. InterTalk’s dependable communications bridge dramatically increases the chances of success in critical industry situations, helping ensure personnel safety and prevent infrastructure loss or damage.

With built-in software solutions (Transcript™ Archival Logging Recorder, Instant Recall Recorder, Voter Steering System) that are often handled by additional hardware with other systems, Vantage is a truly efficient console system that can be easily updated and upgraded as new features are developed into the future. Vantage is also inherently IT-friendly, built on a foundation of COTS equipment and open standards technology.

Trusted by major utility providers across North America, contact us to find out how InterTalk can help keep your operations running smoothly and seamlessly.

The Benefits: 
Fully scalable console architecture grows as your agency does
Intuitive and user-customizable GUI
Truly integrated software-based Transcript™ Archival Logging Recorder
True dispatcher and supervisor control and collaboration
Fully redundant system architecture means no downtime or data loss
Truly integrated software-based voter system
Connects modern and legacy communications networks
Easy software updates and upgrades