Serving Class 1, Light, Commuter, or Commercial rail interests, InterTalk is the only communications integration specialist your railway needs. 

Whether it is a long or short haul with commercial or human cargo, InterTalk’s comprehensive suite of rail-focused communications products help ensure your train arrives at its final destination with constant connectivity.

Only InterTalk can provide complete end-to-end communications integration, with our Transcript Archival Logging Recorder for complete radio, telephone, and IP assets recording, our Citadel IP Radio Gateway that converts your analog radio to IP, the InterStat Intelligent Communication Statistics Logging System that allows you to make data-driven operational decisions, and our Speech Plus Data System for those agencies in need of a bridge from analog to digital communcations.

Tying it all together is InterTalk’s Vantage Dispatch Console System, a highly IT-friendly solution that gives you command and control of everything from your rail yard to remote wayside bungalows, to signalmen and engineers. Vantage’s workload sharing capabilities and centralized remote management functionality, coupled with complete Supervisory takeover functionality and 99.999% availability ensure your communications are always online when it matters most.