Public Safety

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Emergency incidents often involve multiple public safety agencies, each with different radio types, bands of operation, and protocols. In a crisis or emergency, there is no time to manage an exchange of portables or establish a special setup to support the incident commander; this is why the systems and equipment used by public safety agencies serve as the critical foundation for their coordinated efforts in the field.

At the center of these systems is the dispatch console, which acts as the “hub” for all types of communication information. The dispatchers managing crisis situations rely on their consoles to connect them to those in the field, and to gather and process information for efficient and effective response. InterTalk’s ability to tie together all this information – regardless of the source – is the underlying purpose of dispatch communications, and is InterTalk’s fundamental strength.

InterTalk Vantage Dispatch Console Systems are a 100% IP-based console platform capable of interfacing with any radio system (analog or digital), telephone network, intercom, data application, or any other digitized data. InterTalk’s reliable and scalable communications bridge dramatically increases the chances of success in mission critical situations.

Trusted by public safety agencies across North America, InterTalk Critical Information Systems provide unparalleled flexibility, systems integration, and redundancy. When public safety is on the line, InterTalk provides unsurpassed dependability for dispatcher and front-line responders.

The Benefits: 
Fully customizable console solution
Fully redundant system architecture
Connects modern and legacy communications networks
Intuitive and clear user interface
Interfaces with advanced features like CAD, GIS, AVL, and E911
Truly integrated logging recorder
Truly integrated voter system
Full dispatcher and supervisor controls
Easy software updates and upgrades
InterTalk has been extremely responsive in meeting the technical challenges we have presented to them. Their Engineering and Management teams are a pleasure to work with at every step of the design and implementation process. They are able to meet our aggressive schedules while producing top quality communications systems as a result of our detailed bid specifications. InterTalk will continue to make a positive impact for our public safety agencies, and I am pleased to be partnering with them on these projects.
Jerry Haddox, Senior Telecommunications Engineer, California Governor's Office of Emergency Services