When daily operations include high-stakes human and commercial interests in aviation, InterTalk Critical Information Systems help ensure zero downtime. With a dispatch console system that provides full system redundancy, an infinitely scalable architecture, and an intuitive user experience, InterTalk provides an exact-fit solution for mission-critical air traffic controller, dispatcher, and supervisory needs.

InterTalk’s Critical Information Systems include our 100% IP-based dispatch console platform that interfaces with any digital or analog radio system, telephone network, intercom, data applications (such as SCADA, GIS, and AVL), or any other digitized data asset your agency employs.

InterTalk’s secure, dependable communications core dramatically increases the chances of success in daily operations, helping ensure the ongoing safety of your personnel, customers, infrastructure and commercial goods.

Coupled with InterTalk’s integrated information systems such as our Transcript™ Archival Logging Recorder System, InterStat Intelligent Communication Statistics Logging, and IP-connected CItadel Base Station Controller, you can rest assured that your information systems are always on, connected, and providing you the right information, at the right time, in the right format.

The Benefits: 
Powerful communications integration (analog and digital radio, telephones, pagers, and more)
Truly customizable user experience
Reliable and scalable COTS-based communications ecosystem
Service anywhere, any time, direct from the factory
Tangible long-term savings with multiple integrated hardware and software features
Suitable for small or large scale operational requirements