Dispatch News

DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA – December 22, 2017 – InterTalk is pleased to announce that we have successfully commissioned a 24-position radio dispatch console system for Seattle City Light (SCL), the 10th largest public utility provider in the United States. This work was completed as the result of InterTalk’s successful bid and subsequent project award with the City in March.

InterTalk is proud of this particular installation, as we interfaced our console system to SCL’s analog UHF and VHF radio systems, while also deploying our integrated and fully redundant Transcript Archival Logging Recorder system and integrated voter solution utilizing SCL’s base stations. These integrated products streamlined the amount of equipment SCL would have required with a different system.

Another vital feature of SCL’s installation is the high-availability redundancy scheme the InterTalk console system is running at their Primary and Secondary Dispatch Centers. With this sophisticated system architecture, SCL’s backup center (located 10 miles way from the North Service Center) can take over and provide full communications system command and control should the unforeseen occur at the Primary Center.

InterTalk’s system has been running smoothly in Seattle for over one month now, and we look forward to our new ongoing partnership!

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