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What is RoIP?

Whether it is through Zoom or Skype video calling, digital technology has profoundly impacted our ability to communicate in this rapidly changing tech space. As we all experience the impacts of a global pandemic, the benefits of digital voice and video communications are becoming clearer and indispensable.

Similar to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) is a modern way of digitally sending and receiving voice messages through an IP network. A RoIP system can best be described as analog radio signals being converted to internet protocol (IP) and sent through a local or wide area network to transmit voice data to operators.

Benefits of adopting radio over IP include:

  • Lower cost
  • High reliability
  • Increased productivity
  • Geographical flexibility
  • Interoperability between devices


InterTalk’s DCS is a 100% IP-based system – it allows for easy integration to any existing digital network and is customizable to be an exact-fit to your needs.

Our Citadel Radio IP Gateway converts analog sources to IP but also provides other added features like edge voting with the radio system, AUX I/O capabilities, optional POTS line backhaul in the event of an IP connectivity issue, remote deployment, four (4) separate ports for base station radios, and more.

RoIP solutions allow for lower infrastructure costs so you can leverage local and wide area networks and increased efficiency for centralized equipment and management capabilities.

The inimitable radio over IP solutions we offer are available to any organization that strives to benefit from a top-of-the-line radio network solution.

Did you know?

InterTalk’s first dispatch console, then-called “PowerSpeak” was one of the first IP-based dispatch console systems developed in the late 1990’s. InterTalk has always been at the leading edge of digital technology, with a goal to make dispatch more convenient for users.


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