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DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA (April 20, 2022) InterTalk Is pleased to introduce The Sales Group, inc. to our fast-growing Channel Partner Network.

The Sales Group, inc.

Founded as a California corporation in 1987, The Sales Group, inc. is an independent, outsourced sales company specializing in two-way radio communications, communications centers and safety products primarily designed for use by government and enterprise emergency responders, Public-Safety, 9-1-1, Utilities, municipal, transportation, schools and more. Our team has expertise in the products and solutions to help meet industry needs and government regulations.

“InterTalk is very pleased to partner with The Sales Group, a very respected group of manufacturers’ representatives. With their strong familiarity with the dispatch console business and excellent footprint in the Northwestern U.S., we’re excited to start capturing new project opportunities with the Sales Group’s team and guidance”, stated Jeff Kelly, Director of Business Development for InterTalk. “With InterTalk’s footprint growing by the day in the Western U.S., we believe the Sales Group team is in a great position for success with InterTalk”

For 25 years, InterTalk™ Critical Information Systems has provided exact-fit dispatch console systems that ensure the safety and security of its customers.


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