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DARTMOUTH, Nova Scotia, Canada – January 31, 2017 – Pantel International Inc., a leading manufacturer of dispatch consoles and radio control equipment for public safety, utilities, railways and government agencies, has announced that it will now operate under the name of its flagship product, InterTalk™, as InterTalk™ Critical Information Systems, effective immediately.

The renaming move fuses Pantel’s existing InterTalk brand into a single presence in the North American and world markets.

“The time is right to adopt InterTalk as our company name,” said Chris Oldham, Vice President of Operations. “InterTalk directly speaks to what we do: enabling people to interact and talk to one another, under any circumstance. InterTalk endeavours to provide products and systems that deliver the right information, at the right time, in the right format, so our customers can perform their jobs most effectively.”

In the past three years, InterTalk has been awarded contracts with the Oregon Department of Transportation, the Oregon State Police, Bonneville Power Authority, CN Rail, and most recently the California Highway Patrol, to supply integrated dispatch and control console systems.

Although using a new name, the company’s operations will remain the same: InterTalk’s collaborative approach to system design, emphasis on quality control and data security (InterTalk has ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications), and developing tailored products that meet the exact needs of their customers.

The company’s website ( will redirect to a completely redesigned InterTalk-branded version (, and company email addresses will migrate to the suffix. Pantel’s current social media presence will migrate in parallel over to its new InterTalk name as well.

“The InterTalk name has been synonymous with the company and its products for 20 years, and this move is a step forward as we continue to grow and unveil exciting new products for the mobile radio marketplace” said Jeff Kelly, InterTalk’s Business Development and Marketing Manager.


Jeff Kelly
Business Development & Marketing
InterTalk Critical Information Systems
902-468-5998 ext. 227

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