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Chris Oldham establishes and defines InterTalk’s value of what operational continuity means today in the Now normal. He says, “Dispatch is more than just taking calls and coordinating first responders in the field… it is delivering the right information, at the right time, in the right format, with the result of saving lives.”

The keynote topic developed from the InterTalk team reflecting on all of the current world events, i.e. COVID-19, Black Lives Matter movement, etc. unfolding around us. Our collective desire for our families and loved ones’ health and well-being is a common trend in why we all do what we do and why operational continuity is so important.

Oldham speaks about the new normal and how it is vital that fundamental elements of society continue to function in their expected manner, as this is where critical communication takes priority.

Those working in critical communications have faced generous challenges during these changes on the front line.

You can learn more by watching the keynote below!


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