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DARTMOUTH, NS, September 25, 2023 – We’re thrilled to share the exciting news of InterTalk’s latest leadership developments as part of our ongoing commitment to delivering dispatch command and control products that deliver the right information, at the right time, and in the right format.


Mishkin Cyr – Director of Market Engagement expressed his gratitude and commitment, stating:

“Thank you for the opportunity to engage as Director of Market Engagement. I thank the InterTalk Team, our valued customers, and trusted partners. Without you, InterTalk would not be here. I am wholeheartedly committed to giving back to those we serve, striving to exceed expectations in the years to come. I hope to honour and continue to improve on the hard work of the leaders who got us here.”




Taking over the reins of the technology division, James Birchall – Director of Technology said:

“I’m extremely excited to be taking up the mantle of Director – Technology and leading an extraordinary team of technology professionals. InterTalk has a long and proud history of doing hard things in innovative ways for a part of our society that faces danger and stress regularly. Helping people, through technology excellence, is deeply fulfilling and I look forward to working with our customers, our vendors, our staff, and all our other partners in the years to come to do great things together.”




Josh Warren – Director of Operations also expressed his excitement as he navigates his new role, stating:

“I am grateful that my long career in Operations has lead me to this team at InterTalk. It is a privilege to work with such a talented and dedicated group of individuals who consistently push the boundaries of innovation and excellence. It’s an honor that I deeply appreciate, and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to my team for their trust and support. InterTalk aims to achieve the utmost level of service excellence, and I am dedicated to meeting and surpassing those standards.”




Chris Oldham, the President and CEO of InterTalk, encapsulated the significance of these appointments as he discussed the company’s vision:

“As part of InterTalk’s continued efforts to provide the critical communications space with unparalleled products and services for dispatch & control operations, the company has moved ahead with the next phase of its strategic plan with the promotion to Director-level positions for three of our best and brightest. Reporting to the President, the Directors goal is to streamline deployment of our DCS and Enlite console products for our customers and channel partners. From initial request and needs assessment (Market Engagement) to design and develop (Technology) through to field deployment and support (Operations), this team is responsible for fulfilling the company’s objectives. Each Director has extensive knowledge and experience in their own field, yet what sets this team up for success is their strong collaborative relationship between one another, and their recognition of the importance of true teamwork and leadership.”


As we embrace this new chapter, we are confident that with the combined strengths of Mishkin, James, and Josh, along with the whole InterTalk team, we will continue to set benchmarks in the industry and reinforce our reputation as a trusted name in dispatch & control operations. To our partners, vendors, and customers, we remain as dedicated as ever, and look forward to a future filled with innovative achievements and mission critical success.




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