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We are changing the status-quo, “What happens in Vegas…gets talked about by all and pushes InterTalk to the next level”. While this may be somewhat idealistic, this mantra helps explain the way our InterTalk team felt after leaving IWCE 2022 in Las Vegas. In a room with 100+ vendors/competitors, everyone is clamoring to pull you into a discussion, a keynote or product demo. Whether booths were utilizing robot dogs, large branded vehicles, or the InterTalk favorite, FREE BEER, one cannot escape the flash used to pull them in at a trade show. When in Rome!


This barrage of information and self-promotion can sometimes make it difficult to be able to focus on what matters for your business, what information you were hoping to gain at the show and what ends up leaving a lasting impression. For the InterTalk team, we were able to cut through the “noise” with Radio Dispatch solutions that are innovative. Functional. Secure.

On Tuesday, while the IWCE floor was being prepared, InterTalk’s Senior Product Manager, Bryan Wiens was preparing for his exciting session, “Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground”. In this session, Bryan outlined how agencies are facing challenges in their radio dispatch operations and understanding the role Hosted/Cloud solutions can have in overcoming these traditional issues faced by many. During this session, Bryan also discussed InterTalk’s solution to bridge Land Mobile Radio with the new data-driven reality of Hosted/Cloud-based services, InterTalk Enlite™.

Do you need a public-safety grade system that brings together LMR, P25 and telephony capabilities? Enlite™ does that. Want to empower your dispatchers by providing a system that not only meets their needs in the office but also on the go through almost any device with the ability to run Chrome? Enlite™ does that. Want to ensure your control room always has the right information by integrating social media, CAD, mapping, weather, video and more? If only a radio dispatch system like that exists… Enlite™ does that! In regards to SMS messaging, InterTalk must give a shout-out to our friends at ESChat. Enlite’s integration with ESChat allows the console to send and receive text and picture messages, also group patching between ESChat and other channels such as LMR, P25, encrypted broadband PTT, location mapping and so much more. A big “Thank you!” is in order for the ESChat team, who also demoed Enlite™ integration right across from InterTalk at their booth.


On Wednesday, the InterTalk team gathered in the Keynote hall for President and CEO, Chris Oldham to deliver his presentation, “ The Future of Dispatch is Already Here, How InterTalk is Making Advanced Dispatch a Reality NOW!” In this keynote address, Chris discussed how InterTalk has navigated the last 25 years of operation, being one of the first companies in 1997 to realize the full weight and potential of IP radio infrastructure to once again being thought leaders and innovators with mission-critical, public-safety grade radio dispatch solutions such as InterTalk DCS and Enlite™. In what would later be described as “Invigorating” by some audience members, Chris’s presentation drove home that InterTalk is not just another dispatch provider, but one that holds out their hand, tells you this is the way and propels you to success! All this while being entirely radio agnostic — not forcing change like some, but being your guide and partner through it.

Not long after the Keynote, the exhibit floor was open for business. Our team was prepared as a large group of Channel Partners, Man Reps and current and prospective customers made their way to our booth. It is at InterTalk booth 1861 where the “magic happened”. Our team answered many questions regarding our radio dispatch console systems while providing extremely in-depth demos, fielding questions such as “Does DCS support paging?” Yes, all types! “Can DCS interface with analog radio, P25, telephone networks and data applications?” Of course, it can! “How does the console handle voting?” It’s integrated into the system itself! Being an exact-fit solutions provider for 25 years has its benefits. When control rooms were turned away by others due to their overly-complicated needs, InterTalk was there to say “We can do that!” This simple, but important distinction has allowed InteTalk to create one of the most radio agnostic, feature-rich dispatch solutions available in North America and abroad.

As Wednesday morning turned into afternoon, the InterTalk Happy Hour(s) began. The rumor of free beer quickly spread around the trade show floor. Many new clients came by our booth, originally interested in beer, but quickly learned about what InterTalk could do for their operations. On Thursday, Senior Product Manager Bryan Wiens was once again on stage with fellow panelists, James Potter (Director, Strategic Solutions, L3Harris), Christy Williams (Director of 9-1-1, North Central Texas 9-1-1), Jason Fuqua (Vice President of Sales, RapidDeploy) and John Contestabile (Director of Public Safety Solutions, Skyline Technology Solutions). Their session, “The Ways that Software as a Service (SaaS) Saves Critical Communications Agencies” explained the benefits of the operational cost service model over traditional capital purchase models.


As the show began to wind down late Thursday afternoon, InterTalk™ was able to look back at an extremely successful event. While our products and services speak for themselves, this success would not have been possible without our amazing manufacturer Reps, Alpha Sales Group and Bassett Communications, our quickly growing list of dealers based throughout the USA, our partners at Tait Communications, ESChat and the amazing staff of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

InterTalk cannot wait to see you once again at IWCE 2023, but don’t feel like you must wait until then to talk to us about your critical communications needs.

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