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InterTalk™ has finally come up for air after exhibiting at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) 2019 in a big way as a Platinum Sponsor of the event.

Over 20 years ago InterTalk began with a mission of making the right information available at the right time in the right format. At IWCE 2019 that mission was furthered with the introduction and pre-launch of InterTalk Enlite, a public safety grade cloud-based dispatch service. InterTalk Enlite makes the most of a world of information sources to empower dispatchers to curate and provide the best-available mission-critical information to first responders in the field.

When the show began, the response was tremendous. Feedback from Larry Hicks’ (VP Engineering, InterTalk) Keynote Speech reinforced that the need for tools to provide clarity in dispatch is the next evolution in the industry. Attendees from agencies of all sizes, dealer networks, 3rd party manufacturers, and other cloud-based service providers responded with interest and input on InterTalk’s Enlite applications at both dispatch centers and in the field.

InterTalk also had many interested visitors to the booth who wanted to know more about our ‘traditional’ InterTalk Dispatch Console System, and the company as a whole. Watch our keynote presentation, product overviews, and booth demonstration videos below!

Learn more about InterTalk, our product suite, and InterTalk Cloud Dispatch, the new cloud-empowered dispatch console system we launched at IWCE 2019

Watch Gert Jan Wolf of The Critical Communications Review discuss InterTalk Cloud Dispatch and its control room benefits with Larry Hicks, VP Engineering at InterTalk. Read the article here.

Watch InterTalk’s Larry Hicks’ Keynote Presentation, “Disposing of the Information Clutter and Dispatching a World of Information”.

We talk InterTalk Enlite with Urgent Communications prior to IWCE
Read UrgentComm’s review of our Keynote Presentation
Read GovTech’s post-show coverage of our Keynote Presentation

Watch Matthew MacDonald (Chief Engineer, InterTalk) provide an overview of InterTalk’s Integrated Dispatch and Control Console System, and InterTalk Enlite, our new cloud-empowered dispatch system during IWCE 2019

It’s time to get the right information, at the right time, in the right format.

Upgrade your emergency dispatch equipment today.