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Enlite™ Next Generation Radio Dispatch

In Q2, significant focus has been put into improvements regarding product design, how the dispatcher uses Enlite to make their workflow is more streamlined.  Deeper integration with ESChat was achieved along with many small quality of life changes. Introducing the InterTalk™ Station ALL-IN-ONE radio dispatch console. This device will bring the power of Enlite™ to your desktop! InterTalk has also activated Cross-Mute functionality, allowing the dispatcher to mute audio depending on proximity. The Instant Recall Recorder (IRR) has also been enhanced with Cloud Capability allowing for longer-term storage and retrieval of audio.



Full Featured ESChat Integration

InterTalk Enlite’s SDK integration with ESChat is now capable of two-way text messaging as shown in the figure to the right, including the ability to send and receive Images from the field. Included in this update is improvements to participation list sorting, searching and now a Dispatcher can see the in-call, available, or offline status of a field user.

  • 1-to-1 or Group Patching between ESChat groups and other Channels such as LMR and P25
  • Encrypted Broadband PTT
  • Instant Recall Recorder
  • Contact Display
  • Participants List
  • Location Mapping
  • SDK Native Integration
  • Adhoc 1-1 Calling
  • Call Status Display
  • PTT-ID


As can be seen in the figure to the right, InterTalk integration with ESChat allows for industry-leading technology such as Text messaging and image MMS (MultiMedia Messaging Service). Imagine being able to receive boots-on-the-ground visual information from a first responder right in the console itself. Enlite™ does that!

NOTE: ESChat is integrated into InterTalk Enlite™ but is not sold or licensed by InterTalk. For customers who are interested in learning more about ESChat’s secure Push-to-Talk (PTT) broadband service, please contact them directly at 1 (805) 541-5044 or through


Enlite™ Station

Enlite™ is compatible with devices that run a Chrome browser. We have just launched a new form factor that enables dispatchers to work from a fixed hardware position. Having the full power of Enlite™ on a small and efficient form factor is a win for any radio dispatch deployment.

Supervisor Instant Recall Recorder with Cloud Archive features

Building on our Instant Recall Recorder (IRR), Enlite™ now enables audio recordings to be stored in the cloud for archival purposes. This allows a dispatch center to keep easy access records of incoming and outgoing audio for up to 90 days. For those clients who do not need a chain of evidence archival logging recorder, this is an excellent option. Not only can it be accessed right from the console, but administrators can use our new Supervisory Interface to access and filter files by timeline, channel, and user to playback or download audio in .weba format. 


Enlite™ is now capable of cross muting. This allows a dispatch position to automatically mute any incoming transmissions from other dispatch positions based on proximity.

Supervisor Tools

As a result of our teams listening to the market and direct feedback from our dealers, we have placed supervisor tools at the top of our roadmap. In Q2 our developer team will be working on features such as support for supervisor headset jacks and footswitches, remote logout, overrides, and more. This enhanced feature set will give supervisors all the tools they need to maintain control in a critical situation as well as train new dispatchers with minimal risk to life-saving workflows.


InterTalk™ Dispatch Console System

InterTalk’s Dispatch Console System (DCS) sits at the core of your dispatch operation. DCS easily directs all facets of your control, communications and intelligence infrastructure at a single point of contact. Whether it is police, fire, ambulance, transportation, electric utility, or others, InterTalk™ DCS allows effortless communication across diverse networks, including analog and digital radio, telephone, paging, and more.


InterTalk™ SIDE (Small InterTalk Display Extension)

The InterTalk SIDE is a small form factor, fully operational HDMI touchscreen that is mounted in a tough aluminum shell. Unlike the typical keyboard and mouse combo that seems to be forever getting in your way as you work, the SIDE, with its bright, clear 10.6” screen size and rubber castors, can be pushed aside until you need it. The SIDE can host any console system tab or screen so you can do an Instant PTT with a single press on the screen or call up your PATCH MATRIX – whatever works best for you. Speed dials, pages, AUX IO controls…all at your fingertips for easy access! You get maximum utility and there’s no hunting for the mouse or fighting with the keyboard.

Patch Matrix

InterTalk’s unique PATCH MATRIX feature allows resources to be easily and quickly patched together via a single click per agency. The remarkable ease of operation offered by the matrix is especially valuable when dispatchers manage multiple patches such as in EMS operations. The matrix clearly shows which resources are in a patch so you can instantly see who is busy. Incoming calls can be directed to the matrix providing a single point of contact that will reduce operator fatigue and error in setting up complex calls. The patch matrix supports all kinds of resources including telephone, conventional radio, trunked radio, and intercom audio. If desired, the matrix can be programmed to allow patches to be pulled down with a single click, allowing seasoned dispatchers fast and efficient operation. Alternately, novice users can have their matrix programmed to require a confirming click before the resources are released thus eliminating accidental hang-ups.



The Macro Button feature enables quick access to macro functions within ICE. Previously, macros were triggered from either a full tab Macro Panel or from a CAD Command being sent to the console but now they can simply be triggered from a macro button which can be placed anywhere on the screen. Available macro functions include the ability to create patches, select radios, control paging stacks, set radio channels, set radio volume, and start/stop transmissions. 


IP-Based AUX I/O Buttons

Up until now, our AUX-IO button was a single Open/Close display. This worked well for many simple, on/off, or lock/unlock functions. However, when controlling a wide gate such as a fire station gate, an indication that the gate is completely open or closed is necessary. When firefighters are responding to a call, exiting the firehouse before the door is completely open may cause involuntary damage to vehicles and equipment. In addition, a ‘Stop’ button is needed in case the open or close action needs to be canceled. In addition, based on feedback, we have changed the controls to ensure that gate controls are now performed through three independent buttons: OPEN, STOP, and CLOSE.


Did You Know?

Transcript – Logging Recorder

InterTalk DCS supports all types of external logging recorders which receive combined TX and RX audio either through a 2-wire analog connection or digitally via the SIP Record (SIP REC) protocol. InterTalk also offers an optional integrated logging recorder called Transcript™. With Transcript™ there is no need to transcode the internal audio signals within the console system. Instead, the audio that is recorded is exactly what was first digitized. This feature assures accurate recording with no extraneous artifacts added by a transcoding process. Transcript allows supervisors or other accredited operators to access the recorder system via a web browser. Audio recordings are archived and cannot be modified, allowing all recordings to be used for chain of evidence purposes. Audio recordings can be copied to removable media such as USB jump drives or, optionally, a secure FTP mechanism can be used to deliver accurate recordings to authorized external parties. From a chain of evidence viewpoint, using secure FTP dramatically increases the security of audio recordings because only those authorized with the proper credentials can access them and all accesses are date and time stamped along with the name of the accessing party.



Q:  Where do I submit a Technical Support Request?

All information can be found on our support page here:

Customers who have an existing Service First support agreement contact us directly. For any customers who do not have a Service First agreement in place, please contact us.

  1. Online submission using a link to the Client Care software:
  2. Phone submission using the Client Care number: +1 833 55-ITALK (+1 833 554 8255),

NOTE: Online submissions via the Client Care system are actively monitored during business hours only (0900-1700 Atlantic time [ GMT +4]). For any urgent issues (“System Down” or “System Impediment – Callback Required”) that occur outside of business hours, please submit support requests via Phone Submission to ensure a timely response.


Online Partner Training

We offer online admin training for free to customers and channel partners. This is a multi-day deep dive into our product, architecture, and a lot more. The next session starts on April 25th, 2022. Sign up here: InterTalk Training Sign Up

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