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DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA – November 22, 2017 – InterTalk Critical Information Systems marked a significant milestone in its history, as the company moved from its headquarters of over 20 years on Joseph Zatzman Drive in the Burnside Industrial Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to its brand new 10,500 square feet headquarters and manufacturing facility down the road at 371 Cutler Avenue. The building is located on 1.8 acres of land overlooking the Nova Scotia 118 Highway.

The headquarters represents a multi-million dollar investment by InterTalk, as the company sets its sights on continued growth in both the North American and International markets. The new facility houses 30 of its 35 worldwide employees, with manufacturing, engineering, marketing, finance, operations, and software developers calling the new building home.

InterTalk’s previous home represents significant history for all Nova Scotians, as the Province’s 911 System was designed and implemented in that building. With InterTalk’s continued growth, the physical size had become a constraint, with production and manufacturing areas requiring increased space and efficiencies that could not be realized with the previous building footprint.

Following InterTalk’s own business model for its customers, the company built the new facility to meet its exact needs. The layout provides a truly collaborative work environment between all company departments, with improved workstation ergonomics, fully accessible facilities, and an environmentally conscious design featuring significant amounts of natural lighting.

“We cannot be more excited to realize the vision we have had for our company’s new home. This signals our continued investment and commitment not only to our customers, but to our people and community as a whole.” said Chris Oldham, President of InterTalk Critical Information Systems. “2017 has been a remarkable year for InterTalk, and we will use this move as a prelude into an even greater 2018.”

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