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InterTalk’s Dispatch Console System (DCS) sits at the core of your dispatch operation. DCS efficiently directs all facets of your control, communications and intelligence infrastructure at a single point of contact. Whether it is police, fire, ambulance, transportation, electric utility, or others, InterTalk™ DCS allows effortless communication across diverse networks, including analog and digital radio, telephone, paging, and more!

New Features


Console Broadcast

Console Broadcasts are web-initiated custom or saved alarm broadcasts to consoles. ILS (InterTalk Logistics Server) web administrator users can send a freeform text message or pre-saved message to all consoles. Console Broadcast allows an administrator or technician to send a communication to all consoles from the web admin.


Out of Service

Consoles and radio sites can be put In and out of Service from the ILS web admin. The ILS will dynamically see the change and not attempt to connect to the console/AUDx or iBSC if it is OOS (Out of Service).  Out of Service can be utilized during system cut-over so console and radio devices can quickly switch between pre-production and production systems.


Call History Queue Instant Transmit

A new feature allows a dispatcher to PTT directly to an incoming radio on the Call History Queue. This feature allows for faster reaction times and removes the need for a dispatcher to find the correct radio CRB on the console. If the resource is not active on the console, using the Instant Transmit PTT will automatically activate the resource associated with the incoming call, removing steps for the dispatcher and increasing efficiency.


Agency CRBs

The Agency Common Resource Block (CRB) combines a standard CRB with Macro Buttons, Quick Pages and Speed Dials. This allows the dispatcher to quickly page out an agency using quick pages or speed dials. These quick pages and speed dials can be colour-coded to assist dispatchers in quickly navigating through them, increasing efficiency. All Macros, Quick pages and Speed dials will be preconfigured with the correct pause durations and overdial digits to ensure the correct page is sent out to the agency. The Agency CRB can be configured to Activate in the Maximized state with the first configured tab as the default Active tab.


Did you Know?

InterTalk™ offers online admin training for free to customers and channel partners. This is a multi-day deep dive into our product, architecture, and much more! The next session is scheduled to start on:

  • Mon Nov 14 – Thurs Nov 17, 2022, 12:00 – 4:00pm EST

Sign up today at:



Question: What is the support progression for InterTalk customers and dealers?

All information can be found on our support page here:

Depending on the ServiceFirst agreement, customer technical support can be requested in a few ways:

  1. Online submission using a link to the Client Care software: 
  2. Phone submission using the Client Care number: +1 833 55-ITALK (Option 1)

NOTE: Online submissions via the Client Care system are actively monitored during business hours only (0900-1700 Atlantic time [ GMT +4]). For any urgent issues (“System Down” or “System Impediment – Callback Required”) that occur outside of business hours, please submit support requests via Phone Submission to ensure a timely response.

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