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InterTalk will be in attendance at the upcoming annual California APCO Public Safety Training and Vendor Showcase! The Northern and Southern California chapters of APCO (NAPCO and CPRA) have come together to host this unique 2-day event. Those who attend can expect training sessions and corporate partner presentations on current topics and issues; see the latest products and services related to 9-1-1 and Public Safety Communications; and hear from State and Federal Officials on the latest Mandates, programs and services impacting communities.

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  • InterTalk Dispatch Console Systems are already integrated and running on the California Radio Interoperable System (CRIS). We look forward to showcasing how CRIS, combined with an InterTalk Dispatch Console can unlock your agency’s full potential.
  • InterTalk manufactures radio-agnostic, evergreen radio dispatch consoles for industries such as Police, Fire, EMS, aviation, utilities and more. We have 25 years of engineering experience and satisfied customers in California and North America.
  • Deploy YOUR way! InterTalk offers the most robust collection of deployment options in the industry. With InterTalk radio dispatch consoles you can choose to deploy air-gaped on-premises, hosted in the cloud with certified high-availability, or a hybrid approach, utilizing the mobile benefits of the cloud with the control of an on-premises solution.


Meet the Team:

We look forward to seeing you in Califonia this October! InterTalk will have team members on the exhibit floor, ready to answer any questions you may have. Contact the team below to book a time to discuss your dispatch console system requirements.




Contact us to discuss how InterTalk can provide you with the most robust dispatch solution available today!

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