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The InterTalk team is excited to announce the release of our 2022 Channel Partner Training program. These programs will provide your team with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide InterTalks mission-critical standards to our customers.

The 2022 training program is offered in two sections, Administrative and Advanced:

Administrative Training

Administrative Training Objective:

  • System owners who want to Administer their systems will obtain a level of system understanding and proficiency to successfully monitor and maintain their system implementation and state-of-health.
  • For InterTalk Dealer Technicians, they would have a clear understanding of all components and basic systems architectures and learn the InterTalk language to interact effectively with InterTalk First Tier Customer Support.
  • For InterTalk Dealer Sales Reps (DSRs), they would obtain a level of knowledge to differentiate us from the competition, identify InterTalk opportunities, and comprehensively fill out a Systems Questionnaire.

Advanced Training

Advanced Training Objective:

  • Super Users and SMEU’s would obtain the necessary skills to fully understand, troubleshoot and Administer their InterTalk system without the need for a third-party service provider.
  • Dealer Technicians/Engineers will obtain the knowledge to provision and implement a complete InterTalk console solution in the field with very little if any support needed from InterTalk Professional Services group.
  • Technically prepared to support an InterTalk Console Solution in the field as a First Responder.

We would like to recognize and announce that Applied Technology Group has completed all the necessary training to become an InterTalk Authorized Integrator. Join our fast growing network of channel partners and authorized integrators TODAY!

To find out more about locations, dates, and prices please click the link below:

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