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Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series recorder is now interoperable with InterTalk’s Dispatch Console System


DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA (March 31, 2021) – InterTalk Critical Information Systems (InterTalk), a leading manufacturer of IP-based radio command and control solutions, is pleased to announce the interoperability of its InterTalk Dispatch Console System (IDCS) with Eventide’s DX Series logging recorder system. The IDCS can now capture, record, and archive the VoIP audio streams and call-related metadata from Eventide’s DX Series logging system.

Session Recording Protocol (SIPREC) is an open SIP-based protocol for call recording and is compatible with most modern telephone platforms and call recording systems such as Eventide’s.

The resulting Eventide captures from IDCS are available immediately for instant recall, forensic replay, incident reconstruction, and export, allowing for a more seamless dispatch console operator experience for InterTalk’s end-users in public safety, critical infrastructure, and government agencies.

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