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In Q2 of 2022, InterTalk held our first Dealer Advisory Council and several listening sessions with lead technical advisors from our dealer network. InterTalk has committed to working closely with our channel, listening to feedback and pursuing continuous improvement. Q2 saw the development of several new features of Enlite™, including supervisory tools, an easy-to-implement and redundant on-premises configuration, voter capabilities, and more customization options.


New Features


Supervisor Priority

Enlite™ now allows supervisors to interrupt or override transmission on any channel using our Transmit Button. We have added an additional setting that will give floor priority to a user with the correct Supervisor permissions when they use the Transmit Button to PTT, giving complete control over to supervisors.


User Activity

A new tool allows a supervisor to monitor all user activity. This panel will show login times, last activity and what missions a user is viewing. It will enable the supervisor to force a user onto a particular Mission tab. This will be useful if the supervisor notices a user moving to irrelevant Missions for their assigned task. The supervisor will also have the ability to force log-out operators if necessary. 


Supervisory Channel

Enlite™ can now configure a channel to be a supervisory channel; this option removes the ability for a user to mute or turn the volume below 25%, ensuring the channel is always audible. This feature is especially useful for an intercom channel while a new user is being trained remotely or in person.



The radio tool provides an interactive interface for the use of voting features. The tool shows the status of sites that are currently voted, steered, home, repeated, and squelched in real-time. The interface allows a site to be force voted, set to home, force steered, or set to be repeated. It also allows clearing all voted and steered sites, turning on or off repeating or simulcast settings. In the image example, site one is set to home, site two is voted, site three is steered, and site four is repeated.


White Labeling

Enlite™ uses Themes to allow white labelling with uploadable custom alert sounds and images to replace Enlite or InterTalk branding and behavior. If an agency wants to see its logo or has custom alert sounds not already included, Enlite does that!


Contact Persistent Filter

Each contacts tool can now be configured with persistent filters so that each contact tool on a mission can be pre-filtered to only those contacts that a dispatcher needs.  There can be multiple pre-filtered contacts on the same mission.


Enlite™ Online Course for Dispatchers 

InterTalk has created the first Enlite online Course as a series of short videos with quizzes that your customers can use to help their staff understand and learn Enlite quickly and easily.
Registration is a breeze simply click the link below to self-register TODAY!


Around the Corner

We have developed a complete Enlite™ system in one box to make implementing and delivering an Enlite on-premises system easier and more efficient. Enlite can now be hosted in the cloud or on one on-premises small form factor box, along with required IP gateways. 


Did You Know?

Enlite™ can be implemented as a traditional IP-based, on-premises system, hosted as a cloud service with on-premises gateways, or architected as a hybrid of the two (with the cloud serving as a backup or mobile option). Enlite is fully interoperable with the IP-based InterTalk Dispatch Console System (DCS). Last quarter a major state police agency used an on-premises configuration of Enlite to supplement their large DCS infrastructure. They needed more flexible remote capability, and Enlite was the answer! Because Enlite is browser-based, the police agency could log into their dispatch system from any Chrome-enabled device. Enlite gives absolute remote flexibility to an agency without configuring individual mobile machines or installing specific software. Just another way Enlite can SOLVE problems at your agency!



Question: What is the support progression for InterTalk customers and dealers?

All information can be found on our support page here:

Depending on the ServiceFirst agreement, customer technical support can be requested in a few ways.

  1. Online submission using a link to the Client Care software: 
  2. Phone submission using the Client Care number: +1 833 55-ITALK (Option 1)

NOTE: Online submissions via the Client Care system are actively monitored during business hours only (0900-1700 Atlantic time [ GMT +4]). For any urgent issues (“System Down” or “System Impediment – Callback Required”) that occur outside of business hours, please submit support requests via Phone Submission to ensure a timely response.

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