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Dispatch software gives dispatchers control over communications to ensure the safety and security of customers and critical infrastructure. Hands-on critical communication is key in emergency dispatch to ensure the safety and security of the public.

We are dedicated to finding the exact fit system for your needs, so you can work to the best of your ability and communicate effectively in high pressure and time-sensitive situations.

InterTalk’s dispatch software does more than send and receive calls from a fixed location. Our software has location flexibility so you can dispatch anywhere and have critical communication from anywhere with connectivity. 

As we have seen, operational continuity is extremely important in today’s world. Our workplaces are constantly changing, so we always ensure our systems can integrate with any network or any of your existing software.

We’re always researching and implementing new trends to improve our products with the latest patches, features, and functionalities in the dispatch communications industry, so you can be confident your software is always up to date.


InterTalk’s dispatch consoles allow you to streamline your operations with our fast and effective software. Using RoIP software technology, we increase productivity potential, flexibility, reliability, and interoperability between disparate devices. Radio over IP software allows for lower infrastructure costs, so you can leverage local and wide area networks and increase efficiency for centralized equipment and management capabilities.

InterTalk Cloud Dispatch is a new and entirely cloud-based dispatch technology. Here are a few of its many benefits:

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