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During these challenging and uncertain times, InterTalk wants you to know that we understand the needs of public safety and critical infrastructure agencies — whether in a traditional PSAP or Comms Center setting, or work from home scenario.

InterTalk offers you operational continuity options, no matter what your existing system may be – from the Encompass Mobile Dispatch Console System for ‘pack and go’ operational continuity, to InterTalk’s Enlite Dispatch as a Service that provides unprecedented mobility and flexibility.


InterTalk’s Encompass Mobile Dispatch Console System allows your agency to take dispatch far away from the dispatch center. Just pack and go, and you’re operating a no-limitation console that can communicate with your existing LMR network in just minutes.

InterTalk’s cloud-powered Dispatch as a Service allows your agency to connect to your LMR and phone networks wherever there is WiFi or LTE connectivity. Work from anywhere – from home to the coffee shop – and don’t miss any critical communications.

Jeff Kelly discusses InterTalk Enlite, InterTalk’s newest dispatch as a service product that allows seamless connectivity from cloud to your agency’s LMR and Phone networks. Providing unparalleled operational continuity, InterTalk Enlite works wherever you are connected to WiFi or LTE.

Jeff Kelly
Business Development
InterTalk™ Critical Information Systems

Agencies that invest in solutions that enable situational continuity will be better prepared and able to serve now and into the future. To ensure critical operational continuity, please contact us today to learn about the available options we have for you.

It’s time to have reliable emergency dispatch equipment. It’s time to unify dispatch communications together.

Learn how we can integrate your dispatch equipment and meet your specs for the custom console solution you need.