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DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA (Oct 14TH, 2022) In Q3 of 2022, InterTalk worked alongside their solutions dealer Commline Inc. to provide a prominent California university with two (2) on-site DCS console positions, and one (1) Enlite™ dispatch position for mobile use. Their goal was to effectively monitor radio traffic between their campus Police department and a local community college PD.

Utilizing three (3) 4-port InterTalk Citadel IP Radio Gateways and a redundant configuration of the ILS server core, this campus PD now has the ability to connect up to twelve (12) Land Mobile Radios with five-nines reliability (99.999%). This console configuration also displays the flexibility that the Enlite™ Cloud-Ready Console system can provide, being fully interoperable with DCS and providing the desired mobility for the client.

Also in Q3, InterTalk worked with Goosetown Communications to provide a public safety grade dispatch console system to a local police department in North New Jersey. Utilizing a mix of both InterTalk manufactured products and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment, this PD can now integrate their DCS deployment with twenty-four (24) SIP-based Algo Intercoms via Grandstream SIP PBX, support for up to eight (8) analog 4-wire radio connections via two (2) 4-port Citadel IP Radio Gateways, and the capability to support fifty-six (56) inputs and eighty-four (84) outputs via seven (7) Aux I/O Controllers.

InterTalk greatly appreciates the support of its channel partners and their ability to present the benefits of choosing a radio-agnostic dispatch provider.

Media Contact:

Nicholas Blackmore
Sales & Marketing Coordinator, InterTalk™

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