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This is the second of our InterTalk Enlite console system series. This video highlights InterTalk’s DCS and InterTalk Enlite communication systems.

If you are an existing InterTalk customer with an IP-based Dispatch Console System, you already know the reliability and flexibility our consoles offer when tying together your analog or digital land mobile radios with various telephony and paging systems.

With the current convergence of LMR with LTE, it is becoming increasingly important for agencies to plan for the inevitable transition to hybrid communications systems — InterTalk is here to support our customers and ensure a seamless transition to any “blended system” scenario by offering InterTalk Enlite software as an add-on extension to your existing InterTalk Dispatch Console System.

By bringing in the power of InterTalk’s cloud-based dispatch software architecture to your InterTalk DCS, you are able to leverage the power and advantages of LMR with LTE, giving you unprecedented mobility, operational continuity, and connectivity like never before — all you need is network visibility through WIFI or mobile data connection, and you can use InterTalk Enlite with your standard Android or Windows-based device, including tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop workstations.

Imagine maintaining situational awareness by accessing all of your agency’s radio and telephony resources on-site or in the field, whether operating from a traditional PSAP location or from an alternate site miles away. InterTalk’s Enlite communications software flexibility allows you to see and hear only the resources you need when you need them. Should the unforeseen occur, InterTalk’s Enlite ongoing connectivity allows for remote operations capabilities that simply were not possible with traditional IP-based dispatch systems.

The benefit of adding InterTalk Enlite onto your existing InterTalk Dispatch Console System is that there is no worry about a forklift upgrade of all equipment, no worry about capital expenditures and no worry about scaling up or down as needed — InterTalk Enlite allows your agency to maintain the core strength of the InterTalk DCS system and combine it with InterTalk’s Enlite geographic reach, whether driving to a tactical location or dispatching from your living room in the event of a work-from-home scenario, you can dispatch anywhere. Simply sign up for as many InterTalk Enlite user accounts as you’d like, whether it is one or dozens, and we will send you our radio-to-cloud gateway hardware. Once installed, your agency will be granted situational awareness and continuity features that have not been possible until now.

The benefit of adding InterTalk Enlite to your existing system is that it allows your agency to determine if LMR over LTE is the right fit for your operations going forth, without a major capital expenditure commitment. Once deployed, the InterTalk Enlite system can continue to be used as an adjunct to your InterTalk DCS, or it may become your primary means of conducting mobile dispatch operations over time as you leverage the nearly unlimited features and flexibility the InterTalk Enlite platform provides.

In today’s world, it has become increasingly clear that yesterday’s operational standards are not sufficient to maintain continuity. We don’t want you to get left in the dark with your digital dispatch system…get InterTalk Enlite.


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