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We are introducing the first of our new vlog series regarding InterTalk Enlite console system. We will continue to add quick overviews of the systems features, and also answer commonly asked questions about the product.

One of the most challenging aspects of doing dispatch in a mission-critical environment is tracking and bringing together many disparate pieces of information to provide the most up-to-date, relevant information to first responders in the field.

It is a tried and true axiom, but in situations where every second counts, having fast, reliable access to best-in-class critical information systems that may save lives is imperative. InterTalk Enlite, a digital dispatch communication software, offers such enhanced situational awareness, helping dispatchers quickly paint a complete operational picture of the field.

With access to InterTalk’s Enlite suite of informational tools, operators of emergency digital dispatch software are now connected to a world of information, in one easy to navigate user interface. With InterTalk Enlite, any dispatcher can easily create a MISSION on the fly that includes only the information and communication resources they need to see on any given day.

Fire Departments can easily track weather conditions, personnel locations, radio resources, and even nearby environmental hazards such as gas lines and manufacturing facilities on one unified screen that combine to provide situational awareness that is simple to consume and understand.

Law Enforcement and public safety companies can easily monitor trouble areas with integrated webcam feeds, curated social media feeds that can alert authorities to incidents before they are even called in, and real-time information sharing to ensure situational awareness and tactics are all in sync.

The critical information that is available to you and your agency via mobile dispatch is virtually endless. Coupled with InterTalk’s Enliter built-in communications functionality, you have the power to seamlessly integrate best-in-class information services into InterTalk Enlite, such as third-party CAD and its information stream, GIS, AVL, traffic intelligence, curated social media feeds, and more. Because the digital dispatch system cloud is inherently interoperable, adding in services and widgets is a very easy process, and is limited only by the data your agency wants and needs to see.


To learn more about InterTalk’s Enlite wealth of capabilities, give us a call or use the form below to set up a demonstration of its digital dispatching power.

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