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Q4 New Features and Functionality for InterTalk Enlite™

In Q4, our team has been working hard to improve and provide new features and functionality to InterTalk Enlite. Version 1.0.2118 introduces enhanced telephony, ESChat native integration, and a host of user interface upgrades designed to improve dispatcher efficiency and workflow.


ESChat SDK Integration

InterTalk Enlite is now the only cloud-based dispatch system to have a native SDK integration with ESChat. This integration simplifies and enhances the dispatcher’s workflow by enabling encrypted broadband push-to-talk (PTT), patching, geo-location of field agents, and Instant Recall Recording (IRR) of incoming and outgoing transmissions.

The following features are supported: 1-to-1 or Group Patching between ESChat groups and other Channels such as LMR and P25, Encrypted Broadband PTT, Instant Recall Recorder, Contact Display, Participants List, Location Mapping, SDK Native Integration, Send & Receive ESChat Text Messaging, PTT-ID – ESChat is licensed separately.

Advanced Telephony

Significant updates and improvements have been made to InterTalk Enlite telephony system, allowing seamless call management.

The following features are supported: VoIP Telephone Call Taking, Automatic Call Distribution, Hold, Call Transfer, Phone Queue, Dial Pad, Contact List, & Speed Dial. Telephony systems that integrate include VoIP or on-premises T1, POTS, or other telephony systems.

User Interface

Quick Access

Dispatchers can now access critical communication tools like Dial Pad, Contacts, ESChat SMS, and Call Queue through the new Quick Access Tray. The Quick Access Tray is always accessible across missions, resulting in better communication flows and reduced screen clutter.

Radio Tools

A Multi-Frequency Radio Control (MFRC) button is now accessible from Radio Tools for faster and better access. The ESChat channels are now dynamic and will automatically populate based on the ESChat Admin settings.

Leader Lines

Opening an options tray will provide a leader line that enables the user to identify which radio the Settings Tray affects.

Independent Audio Control

A dispatcher can now independently control the audio volume for the following Auxiliary Tones in the console: PTT go-ahead denied, preempt, ringer and dial volume, and any console-generated sounds like our 1khz reference.


24/7 Support

InterTalk Enlite offers a 24/7 phone support option along with a host of tools and services to ensure your system is always ready and active. We have introduced 24/7 phone support for InterTalk Enlite, ZABBIX on-premises Equipment Monitoring, and Signal4 Alarming.


Around the Corner

Cloud IRR

Currently, the Instant Recall Recorder (IRR) relies on a local Workstation’s RAM and thus is limited in the storage capacity available. We plan to implement a secure cloud-hosted Instant Recall Recorder storage option will be added, providing online and downloadable on-demand access to recorded outgoing and incoming audio.

Did you know?

InterTalk Enlite inspiration comes from Multi-Functional Displays (MFD), first created by the Air Force and now widely adopted in commercial aviation and spacecraft. The desire in the 1960s and 1970s was to reduce the number of analog displays overwhelming the cockpit. The MFD allowed a pilot to keep track of more mission-focused and critical information while removing distractions and conserving space. Fighter jets would have their MFD mission specifically programmed pre-mission providing an edge tactically in response times, focus, and intelligence. Mission Critical dispatchers face the equivalent problem. There is too much information, irrelevant to them, being displayed at all times, overwhelming dispatchers. Our team designed InterTalk Enlite to address these challenges. The product’s interface provides a highly customizable workflow and mission-specific interface, giving dispatchers focus on the information they need when they need it.


Q:  What happens to connected dispatchers when the “Internet goes down”?

A: To avoid a scenario where your Internet connectivity goes down, first ensure that you have multiple independent sources of network connectivity. This can include WAN, WiFi, LTE, 5G, and/or satellite connectivity. It is important to note that InterTalk’s Enlite can be deployed with gateway equipment on-site, co-located with your radio equipment, and independently connectable. Users that are in the same network partition as the radios can continue to communicate with their radios even if the rest of the Internet is unavailable. From their browser, each radio site is a direct connection and may be made even if other parts of the internet are not available.


Q:  How do I avoid an outage when a radio site goes down?

A: Simply have more than one radio site with duplicated radios tuned to the same frequencies and have more than one public safety grade network path to get to them. Dual SIM with Public Safety QoS flags (e.g. Telus RANS and AT&T FirstNet), Starlink Satellite, and microwave WAN to an ISP provides significant redundancy on a per-site basis.

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