InterTalk Critical Information Systems (formerly Pantel International) was established in 1997. InterTalk was initially created as a Systems Integrator for radio communications systems, designing specialized interfaces and equipment needed to meet the many new emerging trends in Land Mobile Radio. At the time, “systems integration” was truly that – finding ways of bringing together various communications systems which previously had been unable to co-operate with one another. This placed a great deal of emphasis on InterTalk’s design capabilities, with a team of Professional Engineers working alongside our production department to bring to life the concepts created to suit a particular customer or industry situation.

Shortly after incorporation, InterTalk designed and produced PowerSpeak, an IP-based console system suited for dispatch operations which covered large geographic regions. Although it was a sound product, the fact that “IP” had yet to be truly accepted in communications circles, and the hesitance for agencies to be the first to adopt this technology, InterTalk sought out an existing solution to provide its customers the dispatch functions they required.

In 2003, we became the sole source provider for InterTalkTM (now known as the Vantage Dispatch Console System), a dispatch console product first brought to market in 1980. Used primarily by public safety agencies, the InterTalk System provided its users a high level of control and information availability that remains second to none in the industry. Known for its reliability, scalability, and integrated radio-telephone functions, InterTalk was the ideal complement to our company’s design philosophy of “exact fit” solutions.

Since that time, InterTalk has added to the impressive set of capabilities available in the InterTalk Vantage Dispatch Console System, adding features like IP-connectivity, P25 (ISSI/CSSI) communications, a truly integrated archival logging recorder and voter system, and a completely customizable user experience (UX). InterTalk not only maintains the functionality used in older systems, but now adds the technology needed today’s dispatch centers.

Today, InterTalk continues to support all existing InterTalk System installations deployed around the world, and maintains its goal of providing exact fit emergency information systems for any communications infrastructure.

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